10 Moments Naruto Survived Death, Will the Hokage Die This Time?


Towards the release of Manga Boruto: Naruto Next Generation chapter 52, of course, the character in the spotlight is Naruto Uzumaki.

This is because fans are waiting for the fate of the seventh Hokage, whether he can survive or not from the death mode he activated in the manga Boruto chapter 51 which was released last month.

Especially in the leaks released by VJump, Boruto chapter 52 will focus on Naruto's fight in a new mode against the tremendous power of Isshiki Otsutsuki.

Plus, the return of Masashi Kishimoto also adds to the anxiety of fans, because it could be that the original Naruto creator returns to end the life of his own character.

But if you were a Naruto fan since the beginning of the series, you must have realized Masashi actually nearly killed him many times even from the beginning of the manga.

But, like a cat that is believed to have many lives, Naruto also survived many times even in the most dying state.

Now to recall, here Gamevos summarizes 10 moments in which Naruto survived the issue of death, quoted from various sources.

1. Survived the fight against Zabuza

If you have followed the story of Naruto from the start, of course you will remember the arc where Team 7 had to face off against Zabuza and Haku at the beginning of the series.

There was an incident where Naruto almost stabbed Zabuza's eye with his kunai, but the knife missed.

This triggered Zabuza to become very angry, causing him to attack Naruto with the Fuma Shuriken.

He would have easily torn Naruto apart if it weren't for Kakashi blocking Zabuza's attack with his move.

2. Survived the Duel Against Gaara

At the end of the Ch┼źnin exam arc, Naruto had to face Gaara, who at that time went berserk because his consciousness had been taken over by Shuukaku.

Luckily with Gamabunta's strength and a little Kyuubi chakra, Naruto was able to awaken Gaara from Shukaku's control.

Although at the end of the fight Naruto had to be seriously injured, but he was able to recover quickly thanks to the strength of the Kyuubi.

3. Survived Kabuto's attack

If something actually almost killed Naruto as a child it might be Kabuto.

Naruto, who at that time intended to save Tsunade, managed to attack Kabuto with a rasengan, but Kabuto took advantage of the moment to cut some of Naruto's heart muscles.

But Naruto survived thanks to the medical help from Tsunade at the same time that was the moment where he received recognition from Tsunade and the first Hokage necklace.

4. The initial battle of Naruto vs Sasuke in the Valley of the End

Another moment that almost killed Naruto was when he had to fight Sasuke in the valley of the end.

At that time, Sasuke who intends to go to Orochimaru's place is stopped by Naruto.

Until finally Naruto, who was helpless, then took out the power of the Kyuubi tail 1 and began to lose control

However, Sasuke with the power of the curse mark manages to defeat Naruto, severely injuring him.

But Naruto survived due to his fast recovery power thanks to the Kyuubi chakra.

5. Survived from Orochimaru and the Changes of the 4 Kyuubi's tails

Orochimaru's manipulation of Sasuke was introduced quite early in the original series.

It's no secret Sasuke is unhappy with his past and determined to find a way to fix it.

Blinded by anger, Naruto was finally taken over by the Kyuubi and raised the 4-tailed Kyuubi.

However he lost control and recklessly attacked Orochimaru who nearly killed Sakura in the process.

However, Orochimaru remained immovable and waited for the best opportunity to attack, only moving defensively to exacerbate Naruto's annoyance.

In fact, you could say Orochimaru managed to kick Naruto out.

Luckily Naruto can be awakened thanks to Yamato, even though he has suffered severe injuries all over his body.

6. Survived the PAIN Attack and the Changing of the Kyuubi

Although at first Naruto managed to defeat Pain, he was almost killed in this fight.

The first near death experience occurred when Pain stuck many black spears in Naruto's body.

But at that time Hinata came to sacrifice herself to save Naruto, which made her activate the 6 and 8 Kyuubi's tails.

Naruto might really have died if Minato didn't show up to prevent the Kyuubi from taking over Naruto's body at that point.

7. Almost died while fighting Madara because the Kyuubi was removed from his body

If there are rumors of Naruto's death, of course the moment where the Kyuubi was captured by Madara is the most famous.

Where at that time Naruto, who managed to defeat Obito, had to face Madara who managed to come back to life.

Even with the help of all the Bijuu at that time, they were unable to defeat Madara.

At its peak, Madara with the strength of Gedou Mazou managed to take the Kyuubi from Naruto's body which made him on the verge of death.

Luckily thanks to Sakura and Obito they managed to save Naruto by transferring half the power of the Kyuubi in Minato.

Naruto even canceled the power of the Rikkudo Sennin at that time.

8. Survived Kaguya Otsutsuki's attack

One of the moments that almost killed Naruto was when Kaguya managed to move Naruto and Sasuke to a dimension that had a high level of gravity.

At that time, Kaguya intended to stab Naruto and Sasuke with the Juubi thorns.

However, they survived because Kakashi and Obito quickly became living shields, although in the end only Obito died.

9. Survived Severe Wounds Due to the battle with Sasuke in the Valley of the End

After the war ended, Naruto still had to face Sasuke in the valley of the end.

Here the powers of the Nine-Tailed Fox and Susanoo completely destroyed the valley.

It didn't take long before the two of them were completely depleted of energy and chakra but were still fighting.

With the last of their strength they finally both attacked with Rasengan and Chidori which resulted in both of them losing one of their hands.

After that, Naruto and Sasuke lay side by side, and nearly bled to death.

Luckily they survived until Sakura came and treated them.

10. Survive on protecting Konoha village from Momoshiki's attack

In the era of Boruto: Naruto Next Generation, Naruto was once shown to be dead.

That moment occurred when Momoshiki invaded Earth and attacked Konoha.

With the power of the chakra pill, Momoshiki created a ball like a giant Bijuu dama that could destroy Konoha.

Luckily at that time, Naruto as Hokage sacrificed his life to stem the explosion from the Bijuu dama so as not to destroy Konoha.

And once again, Naruto was able to survive and even together with the 5 Kage, Sasuke, and Boruto, they managed to defeat Momoshiki.

So that's 10 moments where Naruto survived death.

And it seems that on the issue of death this time, Naruto might also survive because Naruto is a character that is quite at war with the popularity of the series Boruto: Naruto Next Generation.

What do you think about that, did we miss something? let us know in the comments below.


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