10 One Piece Characters Who Are Allegedly Dead, They Are Still Alive!


When talking about One Piece, we can find pirate themes, mythology, and various other unique things in this series. Naturally, many of these are found in the series, because Eiichiro Oda deliberately built a wild fantasy world combined with unique comedy. Not to mention that Oda Sensei often inserts various interesting things such as mythology, beliefs, and so on.

However, there are other things that make the One Piece story unique, namely that Oda Sensei never kills the characters involved in it. Although this has been violated several times, there are several other instances where the characters are shown to be dead, but in fact they are still alive. Then, who are these characters? the following is the explanation.

1. Pell

There shouldn't be anything left of Pell at this point. Pell is the main patron of the Nefertari family, the ruling family of the Alabasta region. And as we know, when the Alabasta Crocodile and Baroque Works arcs tried to overthrow the power of the Nefertari family. And the culmination of these efforts was that he planted a large bomb in the Alabasta region.

With neither Vivi nor the Straw Hat crew able to stop him, Pell had no other choice but to carry the bomb himself and fly as far away from the crowd as possible. And when this happens, we see a flash of light that indicates that the bomb has exploded and that Pell is likely dead. However, oddly enough, Pell reappeared only covered in bandages.

2. Monkey D. Luffy

There have been countless times Luffy's life has almost been lost, either because of his own carelessness - like swimming in the ocean - or because he was injured by enemy attacks. Luffy seems to have been immune to the name death and is not afraid of death itself. There are several moments when Luffy almost died. The first time Luffy fought Crocodile in Alabasta.

Then when he infiltrates Impel Down and fights Magellan. Luffy was hit by a lot of Magellan's poison, which left him dying. However, thanks to the hormone injections and also the determination he has made Luffy able to recover again. Then when he ate poisonous shellfish. His life almost escaped, but fortunately Luffy's life was saved by Reiji.

3. Roronoa Zoro

Apart from the captain, his vice-captain has often met his end. For Zoro, pain was nothing compared to the strength of his will. Zoro never managed to survive a severe cut by Dracule Mihawk, he was injured by an attack from Daz Bones, and he even managed to survive all of the wounds Luffy suffered when Kuma transferred him to Zoro.

The wounds that Luffy suffered during the Thriller Bark arc are on another level, which ordinary people don't feel able to withstand the pain that arises. However, Zoro was actually able to survive the attack when many fans suspected that Zoro might not survive. This is another proof of how tough Zoro is.

4. Wipers

Wiper is a resident of the Shandia tribe who fought with Luffy to face God Enel, during the Skypiea arc. He is a male figure who flies using a flying skateboard and armed with a bazooka. However, of course these two weapons were not powerful and strong enough to face God Enel's abilities.

By using the Reject Dial technique, Wiper is able to absorb Enel's strongest attack and then return it 20 times stronger. However, this technique is a double edged knife which Wiper is also sure to be affected by. While all the fans thought that Wiper was killed by this technique, it turned out that Wiper appeared again.

5. Bon Clay

Mr. 2 aka Bon Clay, is a former Baroque Works agent led by Crocodile. Even though he used to be Luffy's big enemy in the Alabasta arc, but then their relationship began to change. They are already very close friends. Luffy and Bon Clay meet again when Luffy infiltrates Impel Down to save Ace.

There is something touching in this incident, where Bon is willing to sacrifice his life to save Luffy. Bon Clay disguises himself as Onlybal and opens the gates of the prison. Everyone thought Bon Clay had died in that incident, especially since he had a hard time facing Magellan. However, we are then shown that Bon Clay is now at level 5.5 replacing Ivankov's position.

6. Gecko Moria

In fact, the assumption that Moria was dead still needs to be questioned because the scene that allegedly killed Moriah happened off-screen or was not shown. But, seeing what happened at that moment, it felt natural for the fans to suspect that Moria was dead. After the peak war at Marineford was over, Doflamingo got the order to hunt down Gecko Moria.

Dofy admitted that he received orders from a top position. Later in a meeting with the leader of the World Government forces, Kong, Dofy admitted that Moria had disappeared. But, we certainly know that at that time Dofy was only covering his tracks. Then, surprisingly Moria reappears in the story, looking for his crew. Unfortunately, he again had to lose to Blackbeard's figure. Even so, Blackbeard gave Moria the opportunity to join him, which until now it is not known whether Moria accepted it or not.

7. G-5

Punk Hazard is one of the most intense arcs in the One Piece story, where Luffy must fight against one of his unique enemies, Caesar Clown. Caesar is Gasu Gasu's devil fruit eater which makes him able to control and create gas. This was what made Luffy overwhelmed, after he underestimated Caesar's strength.

A gas cloud began to cover the Punk Hazard area, which made the Straw Hats and all G-5 personnel to escape. However, unfortunately many of them could not survive Caesar Clown's deadly poison. However, when the Straw Hats learned of this, they later learned that only an antidote was needed to cure those who were exposed to its poison.

8. Pound

The pound is the most recent example of this. When he last appeared in the Whole Cake Island arc, Pound managed to prevent Charlotte Oven from heating the water which was his family on the surface of the water. And just as he waved his hand at his grandson whom he might never see again, Oven appeared from behind with a hot spear.

However, a miracle appeared. Pound was not killed. This is known from the latest cover story, where it is revealed that Pound had been on one of Big Mom's ships and then sailed towards Dressrosa. Although the story is touching where Pound managed to reunite with his family, fans still wonder how Pound is still alive after what happened.

9. Bellamy

Actually, there are not many reasons for Bellamy to appear in the story again other than a touching story with Luffy in the Dressrosa arc. Prior to the arc, Bellamy had lost a battle against Luffy, in a very embarrassing manner. When Doflamingo learned of this, he then went to Mock Town and beat up Bellamy.

By controlling Sarquiss with his webs, Doflamingo sent the vice-captain flying into the air before he came back holding his sword and then thrust it at Bellamy. However, in this case Dofy forgives Bellamy's mistake and gives him a second chance on an adventure to the sky island, and again in this event Bellamy becomes the only survivor.

10. Sabo

Sabo is the brother of Ace as well as Luffy, who chose to go from luxury to a great adventure. Sabo decided to become a pirate and leave his hometown since he was a child. Unknown to him, a celestial dragon was about to go to the Goa kingdom, and the small ship he was riding was considered a hindrance.

Without further ado, they immediately destroyed the Sabo ship. Judging from his condition, many would have thought that he was dead considering that he was hit by a cannon shot at close range. However, he managed to survive when Monkey D. Dragon took him aboard the Revolutionary Army. After being cared for and growing up, Sabo became the number two figure in the Revolutionary Army.


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