10 Ways To Make The First Hour Productive


The first hour you start your job turns out to determine the success of the entire day. What must be done to make your first hour productive? You can try some of these tips.

1. Ask yourself, "Do you really want to do this job?"

It is good to start the work routine with a contemplation. If every morning you feel like your job doesn't make you happy, it's a good idea to take a successful path by leaving that job immediately.

2. Start the day with gratitude

Successful people spend 10-30 minutes of their first hour thanking them for what they have achieved. After that, they will visualize what goals they want to achieve. This method can give you the spirit to get through the rest of the day.

3. First, finish the thing you don't like the most

Take advantage of the start of your day by completing the work that makes you lazy the most. The energy at the start of the day can create the enthusiasm to quickly complete the task. If necessary, you can prepare materials that can support the completion of the task the previous day. Write down a task you want to complete at the start of the day, and post it on your desk for a reminder. If you manage to finish the toughest work at the beginning of the day, then the rest of the day will feel lighter.

4. Don't hold meetings

The first hour of work time would be wasted on meetings. Take advantage of your energy and stamina early in the day for jobs that require greater focus. Meetings can wait until noon.

5. Try to relax

There's nothing wrong with using the time at the start of the day to relax. You can do breathing exercises or simple meditation. With calm, you can more clearly face the problems that may arise that day.

6. Plan your day

When we start working, sometimes we forget to consider the use of time. Suddenly time went by fast. In the first hour of your day, try to make time plans for your tasks throughout the day. Write a plan for completing your assignment for the day in hours, and update it in the middle of the day.

7. Greet co-workers

Paying attention to the work environment and the colleagues around you can bring meaningful changes to your career. Try starting the day by greeting your boss, roommates and cleaning service at your office. A greeting won't hurt anyone. After all, you don't know when you will need their help, do you?

8. Stop checking email

Some people have the habit of checking e-mails when they get to work. If you are one of those habits, consider quitting now. Opening e-mails in the morning seems productive, but it distracts you. You might spend your first hour replying to e-mails that don't really matter. If there is something important that requires your immediate response, someone will definitely call you right away.

9. Give yourself credit

Try to do what you love. Listen to music from your favorite singer, for example. Or make your favorite hot chocolate drink. Hey remember, you've managed to beat your laziness to go to work today. You deserve a small prize.

10. Delay the time to solve problems with colleagues

If the previous day you had a problem with a boss or colleague, refrain from solving it in the morning. Discussing personal matters with co-workers can drain your energy. After all, people who have just arrived at work are likely to remain overwhelmed by stress from home and along the way.


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