11 Best Android and iOS Music Player Applications


With the development of the world of music, more and more music player applications seem not to be outdone to pamper music lovers. Indeed, there is already a built-in music player application on smartphones, but for those of you who want to explore more about the world of music, we will provide some references to the best music player applications for smartphone users who are also music lovers.

1. Double Twist Music Player

Double Twist Music Player is an anti-mainstream application because it is one of the best music player applications that is an iTunes alternative that you should try. In this application you can sync music to your smartphone from a PC or Mac device and even iTunes playlists using just a USB cable. You can also search for album art, manage podcast subscriptions and a variety of other features.

2. n7player Music Player

For those of you who don't like to be complicated, one of the best music player applications called n7player is perfect for you. n7player is presented with a user friendly and zoomable interface. This application also provides many advanced features such as multi touch, lock screen control, look up lyrics and much more.

In this application, you can reset your own custom equalizer. So you can be creative in the world of music like a professional musician. n7player also allows you to listen to your favorite music on your external device via AirPlay, DLNA and also Chromecast.


If you are tired of seeing the default display on your application or are tired of listening to music on your smartphone, and you should try a music player application that you can of course use to stream the latest music that is currently hitz.

The features provided by JOOX are not arbitrary, the music you listen to through JOOX streaming is high quality and the songs you like are available in various kinds of series and singers. The excitement that you can get by using this application lies not only in the quality of the streaming, but also in the graphic display that is so colorful that you can change it to your liking.

You also don't have to worry about the annoying advertisements that often appear in the usual music player apps. In this JOOX application, you can be free from advertisements by becoming a VIP user. JOOX also provides features to listen to the radio and play the music videos you want.

4. Shuttle Music Player

This music player app could be one of the best you will ever know. Because this application provides a variety of cool features that you must try.

With the ability of a 6-band equalizer that you can use to improve the quality of bass in music, this application also has a gapless playback feature so that the music player doesn't stop when changing songs. Shuttle Music Player has also been accompanied by a sleep timer. So for those of you who like to explore music, you can immediately download this application.

5. Musixmatch

Musixmatch is the best music player application on the Google Play Store. In addition to listening to music, this application also provides lyrics to make it easier for you to memorize songs. Musixmatch also has a display that is no less attractive and easy to use.

Not only that, Musixmatch has been synchronized with music streaming applications such as Play Music, Spotify and others. You can also see the translation of the lyrics you memorized. Great application, right?

6. MixZing Music Player

MixZing is the best music player application that has a minimalist and modern look. With this application you can listen not only to music but also to listen to the radio. You will have many options for accessing the radio station that is just right for you to listen to.

Apart from that, MixZing can also display the lyrics while playing the song you like. This application also offers an attractive graphic equalizer that you can adjust according to your preferences. Of course, this application will not make you bored when listening to music.

7. Pulsar Music Player

Pulsar can be said to be the best music player application today that you can download for free. This application allows you to browse songs according to the available folders, genre, artist and even by album.

This music player application also provides many interesting features such as tag editing, smart playlists, gapless and sleep timers that are easy for you to use. No less good, this application provides direct support to Last.fm and has provided various themes as well as downloaded artwork automatically.

Pulsar is a lightweight, simple and cool music player application for you to try.

8. JetAudio Music Player + EQ

This application includes the best music player which is a favorite of most people. Because this application has features that are more complete and better than other music player applications. JetAudio Music Player + EQ features an equalizer of up to 10 bands, which you can use to combine various kinds of sound effects.

Apart from that, the app comes with bass boost effects, a tag editor, and widgets. This music player application also supports various important plugin features such as Crystalizer, Bongiovi DPS on CNET.com and also AM3D audio Enchancer. JetAudio is also the most downloaded music player application.

So are you the one already using it?

9. PlayerPro Music Player

This best music player application can categorize music according to the album, composer, genre, song, artist, to the playlist of your choice. PlayerPro has a graphic equalizer which is great to look at. Suitable for those of you who are bored with the default appearance that's all.

This application allows you to browse songs with fun, with a skinnable appearance which of course you can change by installing the skins available in the application. Apart from that, you can also search for videos and even play them in this app.

10. Poweramp Music Player

One of the most popular best smartphone music players that can play music by spoiling your visuals is Poweramp Music Player. Coupled with a stylish design and a stack of graphic equalizer tools that can be changed according to taste. This application is also capable of playing audio formats such as MP3, MP4 / MP4A as well as MPC, TTA, WV, KERA, ALAC, OGG, WMA, AIFF, WAV and FLAC.

A feature that is no less exciting is the lyrics display that you can use to make memorizing songs faster. Not only that, there are other supporting features such as replay gain, gapless, crossfading and playback. You can also customize the visual theme to your liking.

11. Spotify

The Spotify music player application is one of the favorite music players at this time. This application was recently released and Indonesian. Before the spotify application existed, Indonesians used the JOOX application. But over time, spotify appeared in Indonesia and was immediately attacked.

To enjoy music on Spotifu, you have to be willing to pay quite a fortune. Within 1 month you have to set aside your pocket money worth 3 bucks and you can enjoy all the music on Spotify.

So are you interested in trying out one of the best music player applications like the examples above? Looks like you have to try everything huh ...


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