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The best PC VPN is now one of the tools chosen by many people because it has proven to be able to overcome security problems when surfing the internet.

Especially since the government has started to aggressively block illegal sites, the VPN application is also considered a solution so that users can still open these blocked sites.

Unfortunately, not all VPN applications, especially free VPNs for PCs, provide the complete and best features. Therefore, you also have to be smart in choosing which one is the best and suits your needs.

But, take it easy! Because this time Gamevos wants to discuss some recommendations for the best and free VPN for PC applications that you can take into consideration. Check it out!

Best Free VPN Application Recommendations For PC 2020

Even though it offers tantalizing security features, in fact, not everyone is able and interested in downloading a premium VPN for PC alias paid.

Fortunately, there are still some of them that are present in the free version so you can still enjoy them without having to spend a lot. Want to know what the list of recommendations is, see in full below!

1. Tunnel Bear

Having a name that is quite popular among iPhone VPN application users, Tunnel Bear is suitable for those of you who have never tried an application like this before.

That's because Tunnel Bear offers a user-friendly interface that won't confuse its users.

Not only that, this application offers a quota of 500MB every month for those of you who use the free version.

As for security, Tunnel Bear uses 256-bit AES encryption which is claimed to be very strong and secure.

2. Betternet

Even though the name may not be as popular as the best free VPN software for other PCs, Betternet is one of the most recommended for you to use especially for beginners.

You see, this application has a simple UI appearance and is very easy to use, even in one click, you know.

Even though it's free, Betternet promises stable connection quality and has many VPN servers in various countries such as Singapore, Hong Kong, America, Japan, Germany, and many more.

Betternet also provides a premium version with more abundant features, as well as the absence of advertisements.

3. Hola VPN

Next is Hola VPN which allows you to access a number of blocked sites safely and comfortably.

This free PC VPN software also provides many servers from various countries such as America, England, Singapore, Hong Kong, and many others.

Unfortunately, Hola VPN is not really a VPN application like in general that is able to protect users every time they connect to the internet network and access various sites or applications.

Unfortunately, Hola VPN can only work when you use a browser application.

4. Hide.me

Not only available for smartphone devices, you can also use the Hide.me application on your PC device.

Hide.me itself claims to be a VPN application that has been trusted by more than 20 million users worldwide because of its security, anonymity and speed.

Providing more than 1,560 servers in more than 60 countries, you can get this application for free although there are some features that are only available if you buy a premium package.

5. Speedify

Being one of the PC VPN applications that users like because of its ability to access various blocked sites, Speedify is perfect for those of you who want to download free VPN for PC.

The reason is, this application reportedly uses AES-based encryption which is able to protect users' internet browsing activities very safely.

Meanwhile, for those of you who are using the free version of the application, Speedify provides 1GB quota every month.

2020 Best PC VPN Application Recommendations (Paid)

Offering the same functionality as the Android VPN application, the PC VPN applications below allow you to access blocked websites easily and safely.

Well, if previously Gamevos only focused on providing a list of VPNs for free PCs, then this is the paid version.

For those of you who need it, here are some of the best 2020 PC VPN applications that you deserve to use.

1. Hotspot Shield

The next best PC VPN application is Hotspot Shield which is available for various operating systems including Windows and macOS.

Having approximately 3,200 servers spread across various parts of the world, Hotspot Shield offers internet speeds, downloads, and streaming that are claimed to be very fast.

In addition, this application also offers a feature that allows you to connect 5 devices simultaneously.

2. OpenVPN

Offering a security solution when browsing the internet, OpenVPN might be an alternative for those of you who are not compatible with the previous PC VPN application.

For security concerns, OpenVPN itself offers a variety of built-in security features including up to 256-bit encryption via the OpenSSL library.

In addition, this application is also available for many platforms such as Windows, Linux, macOS, iOS, and Android.

3. ProtonVPN

Operated by the Swiss company Proton Technologies AG, ProtonVPN is the next best VPN PC application recommendation.

This application itself has a total of 628 servers available in 44 different countries so you can still enjoy it while traveling abroad.

Regarding security, ProtonVPN is reportedly the first VPN provider to release its source code on all platforms and conduct independent security audits so you don't have to worry.

Other Best Paid PC VPNs ~

4. Windscribe

The last recommendation for the best PC VPN application is Windscribe which you can use for free or paid which can be purchased for $ 9 per month.

However, for the free version you can only use this application on one device only, 8 server locations, and bandwidth is limited to no more than 10GB per month.

Just like VPN applications in general, Windscribe VPN also allows you to surf the internet safely and open blocked sites.

5. ExpressVPN

For those of you who are looking for a VPN with the fastest internet speeds, Gamevos recommends that you use ExpressVPN.

The best VPN for PCs has 160 server locations spread across 94 countries. A number of server recommendations will appear on the interface.

For the PC version, there is a feature that allows you to change servers without breaking the active connection. There is also a list of recent servers on the main display.

The security provided is also great because ExpressVPN uses strong protocols and encryption. It's just that, the price is quite draining the bag.

6. NordVPN

NordVPN is one of the most talked about VPNs. Log-free, P2P-friendly, reliable security, flexible, fast, and so on.

This VPN application is also able to open various streaming services such as Netflix, BBC iPlayer, and so on.

The choice of servers is also very broad, with more than 5,400 servers spread across 60 countries. The security itself uses 256-bit AES encryption.

Unfortunately, NordVPN doesn't accept payments using a PayPal account. You have to use a credit card, Google Play, Apple Play, cryptocurrency, and so on.

7. CyberGhost VPN

The last PC VPN application that Gamevos will recommend for you is CyberGhost VPN. This application has a system access tray feature so you can switch connections quickly.

At least, there are more than 5,700 servers spread across 90 countries. The security offered is 256-bit encryption and an automatic kill switch.

Apart from that, the app also offers custom profiles whose connections are optimized for streaming movies or videos and torrents.

Unfortunately, you can only try the free trial for 24 hours. You have to subscribe in person with a money-back guarantee of up to 45 days.


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