13 Best Live Streaming Fishing Games on Android for 2021


Always failing when fishing in a pond or river does not mean that you will experience failure when fishing in the game. Channel your fishing hobby through games that are currently available for Android smartphones and tablets.

Besides being more economical, "fishing" in the game is no less exciting and fun, you know. Some games offer a lifelike fishing experience.

In the following, Gamevos will make a list of very exciting fishing games on Android. If you don't have time or are not good at fishing in the real world, then you can try to play these games first.

1. Rapala Fishing

This arcade fishing game was developed by Concrete Software, Inc. Rapala Fishing invites you to fish various types of freshwater fish in locations with a very beautiful 3D graphic touch. Improve skills and use special tricks to get bigger fish at each location.

Players can compete with other Rapala Fishing players every day in online tournaments. You can get this professional style fishing game for free through the Play Store.

2. Fishing Diary

Even though Fishing Diary is an old school fishing game, this game is still being updated regularly so it's still comfortable to play. Simple gameplay makes this game playable while you are relaxing.

The way to play Fishing Diary is that you have to throw bait in the form of cannons, electricity or food into the water and catch as many fish as possible. You also have to catch the mermaid because she knows where the treasure is hidden in the water.

Even though in the real world it is not allowed to catch fish with bombs or cannons, it doesn't matter if you do it in Fishing Diary.

3. Fishing Paradise 3D Free+

Playing the most exciting fishing game on Android can choose Fishing Paradise 3D Free + game. This game which has over 300,000 downloads is ready with more than 50 types of fish. You can fish all the fish and then sell them.

So, this game has a concept where you can sell the bait. Not only that, you can even make your own fish pond to cultivate your catch. If the fish you have is very good, then the selling price is very high. Also, you can use the proceeds from selling fish to buy new fishing rods. Interesting right?

4. Hey, That’s My Fish!

Different from the three games we discussed earlier, Hey, That's My Fish! is a very fun game and doesn't require you to use fishing tricks. You will play a penguin character who has to catch more fish than other people. However, you still need strategy and intelligence to win this game.

Hey, That's My Fish! very suitable to be played by children. You have to buy this game first before installing it on your Android smartphone or tablet.

5. Monster Fishing 2020

If you want to play fishing games without having to spend your internet quota, try playing Monster Fishing 2020. This is an offline game that carries the concept of fishing. However, the fish caught in this game are very unique. Not like fish in general, but big fish like monsters.

Noted, there are many types of monster fish that you can hook. Not only are the fish varied, but the fishing backgrounds are also different. So, you will not be bored playing this Monster Fishing 2020 game!

6. Fishing Clash

Fishing Clash is one of the fishing games that you should try. In this game, players will be spoiled with smooth 3D animation. Apart from the animation, there are also powerful features, for example, you can chat with your opponent. Yes, in Fishing Clash you can chat because this game carries an online game concept.

Because Fishing Clash is an online game, it also provides various tournaments. Well, this fishing tournament allows you to fight other Fishing Clash players around the world. If you can win the tournament then chances are you can get rare items. Want to try playing?

7. Fishing Break

When compared to the previous two games, Fishing Break is a fishing game that is simpler. Players will be tasked with catching hundreds of different types of fish in 8 locations. Of course, your efforts will be rewarded in the form of achievements on the leaderboard competing with other players.

The graphics are simple but easy on the eyes you can enjoy when playing Fishing Break. This is the perfect game if you want to fish different types of fish in different places without the need for too much effort.

8. Ace Fishing: Wild Catch

Next, we get acquainted with Ace Fishing: Wild Catch, which is the most popular fishing game out there. The game offers features to customize your fishing skills, travel to different places to catch different types of fish, and a global leaderboard where you can see your ranking against other players from around the world.

How to catch fish in Ace Fishing: Wild Catch is not that difficult. Take a few tactics so you don't have to wait too long for the fish to eat the bait on your hook. Ace Fishing: Wild Catch you can download for free on the Play Store.


To be able to play the 3DCARP fishing game, you must first purchase this game on the Play Store. However, you only need to pay once to be able to play the game that features 8 lakes and 4 rivers to catch 28 different varieties of fish.

3DCARP will make you addicted to fishing because in this game you can climb trees to see more fish or use a bait boat to make it easier for you to catch fish. Even though it's relatively new, 3DCARP is a fishing game worth checking out.

10. Fishing Time:Season2

Still with fishing games on Android, this time Fishing Time: Season2 can be a good choice for you. In the game Fishing Time: Season2, there are more than 200 types of fish that you are ready to catch. Starting from small fish to big fish.

Even in the game Fishing Time: Season2 you can fish for a goblin shark, you know. Not only that, one of the excellent features offered by this game is auto fishing. This feature makes players not have to wait and attract fish. However, this feature can only be used to catch small fish. Let's play Fishing Time: Season2

11. Pocket Fishing

If you want to experience the thrill of virtual fishing, then you can choose fishing simulation game Pocket Fishing. In the game, this game made by PegeNet devloper offers the fun and excitement of fishing virtually by only relying on an Android smartphone.

Here, you can freely fish as much as you like. The advantage of this game is the sound of nature that will spur fishing concentration. So, Pocket Fishing claims that the game is able to bring players into the thrill of fishing for real. Curious?

12. Fishing Hook

This game offers a very real fishing experience. In fact, the fishing equipment used in the fishing hook is also classified as professional. Fishing Hook seems designed for sports fishing enthusiasts, but it doesn't have much time for real-world fishing.

When playing this game, you have to adjust the distance and measure the tension so that the fishing line does not break or the fish catches successfully. To see your achievements in playing Fishing Hook, there will be a leaderboard as a guide and an offline mode to play this game without an internet connection.

13. Let’s Fish

Let's Fish is one of the best fishing simulation games that we recommend for you. This game, which was developed by the developer of Ten Squares Games, has more than 650 types of fish that you are ready to fish. Not only hundreds of types of fish, there are even dozens of fishing locations that you can choose from.

Uniquely, apart from being an imitation game, Let's Fish also provides a feature where you can take part in fishing competitions with fellow Let's Fish players. You can enter tournaments with PvP gameplay. (player vs player). Also, don't forget to upgrade your fishing equipment.

If you like fishing or at least like to play fishing games, then the above thirteen games can be a reference for you. If you want to recommend other fishing game titles, please write down your recommended game titles in the comments below

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