13 Best VPN Applications for IOS and Android Devices


VPN stands for Virtual Private Network where you can connect with other devices. Usually VPNs are used on PCs, but as technology develops you can now take advantage of VPNs on Android by using the VPN application found on the PlayStore.

You can use 13 of the best VPN applications to access the fastest internet, as well as to use the free internet with the following applications. Even the VPN application here can open blocked sites too, you know. Do you want an unlimited VPN application? Let's find the best VPN application for you on Gamevos.

1. OpenVPN for Android

Carried out and created by developer Arne Schwabe, another application comes under the name OpenVPN for Android. Not much different from other applications. The interface offered by the OpenVPN for Android application is simpler and easier to use for application downloaders.

This application can be used for those of you who are already using an Android smartphone with OS 4.0 and above. Although the OpenVPN for Android application does not provide free internet access, you can use the OpenVPN for Android VPN application for free.

2. OpenVPN Connect

It has been downloaded and used by more than 139,000 Android smartphone users. The application this time is called OpenVPN Connect. For you Android Ice Cream Sandwich users, you don't need to worry, because the Ice Cream Sandwich application has minimal support for the Android Ice Cream Sandwich OS.

However, the Ice Cream Sandwich application will not support rooted Android. Not only that, the OpenVPN Connect application even supports hardware-backed keystores such as the Android Nexus 7 smartphone.

3. FlashVPN

FlashVPN is one of the recommended apps for you to use on Android. The FlashVPN application offers an easy way to connect to a VPN server. With just one click, you will be connected.

For the connection itself, users can enjoy and take advantage of unlimited access. FlashVPN can deploy VPN Servers in countries or locations such as USA, UK, and Japan.

FlashVPN users can protect or protect privacy by using VPN Encryption which has been supported by the FlashSoftware developer, as the application creator.

4. FinchVPN

Are you worried that when you are using Wi-FI in public places, your data will be taken by irresponsible parties? Now you don't need to worry anymore, because the FinchVPN VPN will protect your Android smartphone from threats from irresponsible pranks.

Apart from embedding pretty good security features, the FinchVPN application is also able to unblock areas that are forbidden and cannot be accessed by you. Also, FinchVPN users are claimed to be able to increase internet speed when surfing the internet.

Not only that, FinchVPN even guarantees the confidentiality of your IP address when you register and log in to this application.

5. Fast Secure VPN

Downloaded by more than 54,000 PlayStore Android users, the Android VPN Fast Secure VPN application is included in one of the best applications recommended by Gamevos for you. There is no bandwidth limit, meaning you can access unlimitedly for the trial period.

No need to worry about the problem of videos being blocked by YouTube, because Fast Secure VPN is able to unblock YouTube, Youku, Hulu, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Vimeo, and other webs.

Just like other applications, this Fast Secure VPN application also carries the privacy and security features of hackers who target you. So you don't need to worry when surfing the internet.


The digital privacy feature contained in the FREEDOME VPN application allows you to be protected from hacker threats when using a VPN. Not only that, even the FREEDOME VPN application also claims to be able to provide privacy when you use Wi-Fi in public places.

Apart from relying on these two features, the FREEDOME VPN application also promises no geo-blocks. Uniquely, no one will know your name or other identities because this application embeds the ANONYMITY feature. Interested?

7. VyprVPN

This application developed by Golden Frog offers 1GB of storage or storage space for free. However, if you feel that the capacity provided is lacking, users can purchase capacity at a price of $ 80.04 per year or the equivalent of around 1 million rupiah per year.

VyprVPN also provides two simultaneous network connections for Virtual Private Connection. This application also guarantees online safety when you use this application.

Even VyprVPN users can access the internet for free. You can also access 50 blocked webs. You don't need to be complicated and difficult to access a blocked internet right?

8. VPN Free – Betternet

More than 790 thousand downloaders have downloaded an application called VPN Free - Betternet on their cellphones. Not without reason, because this application allegedly has many good features. With this application, you can hide your IP address and also increase internet speed.

Another feature, VPN Free - Betternet is able to unblock various blocked sites and applications. In fact, VPN Free - Betternet also guarantees the security of personal data privacy from hackers. So, you no longer need to worry about security issues at VPN Free - Betternet.

9. VPN Proxy Master

Don't think that the application for VPN on Android has a large capacity and takes up a lot of space. The proof, this VPN Proxy Master will only occupy 6.7MB, you know. Although light, this application is very rich in features. For example, this application can certainly unblock every website that has been blocked.

In fact, VPN Proxy Master can also work well for 3G, 4G, LTE, WiFi, and all kinds of other data connections. And most importantly, VPN Proxy Master is ready to help increase your internet speed, you know. So, are you still unsure about VPN Proxy Master?

10. Turbo VPN

Turbo VPN is also one of the right applications for you. The reason is, this application made by Innovative Connecting has a number of features that are very helpful for its users. In Turbo VPN, you can unblock any blocked website and also increase the speed of your internet connection.

However, what is special about Turbo VPN is not only that, you know. Turbo VPN understands that not all Android users can use a VPN application, therefore Turbo VPN is designed so that all users from all walks of life can take advantage of Turbo VPN easily and practically. Want to try?

11. NordVPN

NordVPN is a premium VPN app that offers an edge in the data security sector. This VPN application will always protect its user data so that it does not leak and be misused by irresponsible parties.

NordVPN also has the advantage of thousands of servers spread across dozens of countries. If one server has slowed down, you can easily choose another server. Plus, for every time you connect to the internet, NordVPN will work by offering dual protection by routing your connection through two servers instead of one.

NordVPN also has a feature called CyberSec. With this feature, you can be free from annoying flashy advertisements. This feature also blocks websites known as hosting malware or phishing scams and also blocks various malicious websites.

Interested in NordVPN?

12. Surfshark VPN

Why should you try Surfshark VPN? This VPN application is rich in beneficial features not only in terms of security, but also in terms of speed and ease of use.

You don't need to worry about data security if you use public wifi because Surfshark VPN can handle it. This application will hide your download history and also your IP address so you can freely download and share any files comfortably and privacy is maintained.

Besides being able to connect to various devices, Surfshark VPN is also equipped with a free ad blocker that prevents malware and blocks annoying ads and also a tracker or other type of tracker.

Unlimited streaming and download whatever you want without being constrained by blocked sites. Watch movies, play games, even for work, use Surfshark VPN to enjoy accessing your digital world. Do not believe? You can try the Surfshark VPN trial for free.

13. Secret Net x VPN Proxy Browser

Secret Net x VPN Proxy Browser is the best VPN application on the App Store that will spoil you with lightning fast internet and free access from various servers in various countries. No need to worry about data leaks, because this application protects the privacy of your personal data so that it is safe to use. So, not only fast, but the confidentiality of your account is guaranteed the confidentiality.

Equipped with software to download internal files, flexibility in downloading various videos, unlimited bandwidth, no browsing history, integrated Touch Id and Face ID, and a built-in Adblocker that easily blocks annoying ads, are some of the other advantages the application has. this. Not to mention with the safe feature, you can lock or hide the content of photos, videos, or files that you have downloaded into the safe for safe keeping.

Not only that, Secret Net x VPN also carries the One tap to Connect system so it's very easy to use. You only need to open / close the application to directly connect or disconnect the VPN. This VPN connection can also be used in all applications on your iPhone. Very fast and easy, right?

Those are 13 VPN applications that you can use. All of the above applications are the best applications that we recommend for you. What do you think?


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