17 Best Netflix Series Recommendations to Watch During Quarantine


If you like criminals

Not like crime huh, but admire serials about crimes and solving cases. Who isn't fascinated by Italian Job and Ocean's Eleven? So, if you are this type, the following best Netflix series can be a reference to watch during quarantine.

1. Money Heist

Full of systematic steps, anticipation, and careful calculation, serials or films about robbery are always fun to watch. Money Heist or La Casa de Papel just started season 4 a few days ago.

Still talking about the robbery at a Spanish money-printing bank, one of the best Netflix series you should binge watch at home because the plot twist will make you addicted to the end. Besides being full of intrigue, this series also has good songs, one of which is Bella Ciao. It turns out that the Spaniards like to sing in movies too, although they are not as intense as India.

2. The Blacklist

The Blacklist offers the premise of a veteran US Navy criminal, Raymond "Red" Reddington who surrenders to the FBI for immunity.

In exchange, he helped expose crimes around the world. Red has a list of the world's criminals and their plans are known to him. Oddly enough, Red is only willing to work with an upstart FBI staffer named Elizabeth Keen. The series has now entered season 7. They are currently working on season 8 which will also air this year.

3. Elite

Just like Money Heist, Elite is a Spanish series that tells about the lives of teenagers in an elite school with their friends. The premise centers on the lives of teenagers and their clich├ęd problems.

However, the conflict between the characters is more intense than the teen drama in general, which arises due to social disparities in these elite schools.

If you are Korean Oppa lover

The best Netflix series are also dominated by Korean series. One of the advantages of Korean drama series, apart from the clarity of the skin of the players, is that the episodes are quite small. So, you can binge watch and immediately finish your curiosity about the ending in just a few days.

4. Itaewon Class

For those of you who love Korean drama series, Itaewon Class is the latest series that you must watch. This Netflix series starring Park Seo-joon is about a group of stubborn young people.

With this vision, they began planning a rebellion against their rivals. This series is inspired by a webtoon of the same name and is quite successful until the last episode.

Even the last episode of Itaewon Class reached a rating of 16.548% throughout Korea. The rating is the second highest on JTBC (the TV broadcasting station in Korea) and the sixth in the history of Korean cable television.

5. Crash Landing On You

Being one of the best Netflix series and Korean series this year, Crash Landing On You is also a huge success. Beating Itaewon, this series has the second largest rating in Korea there.

Starring Hyun Bin, Son Ye-jin, Kim Jung-hyun, and Seo Ji-hye, the premise of the series centers on two South Korean women who accidentally “land” in North Korea. Well, that's where their adventure begins.

If you like Natgeo

The subtitles above are inaccurate because the next recommendation has nothing to do with National Geographic. However, in everyday conversation, Natgeo's films refer to documentaries that add to your knowledge in the real world, not just the world of fiction. Here are the recommendations for the best documentary series on Netflix.

6. 100 Humans

As the title suggests, this Netflix series is about experiments on 100 people in America with different backgrounds; age, weight, occupation, and so on.

The experiments in it were inspired by simple questions a day, such as whether people with beautiful or handsome faces have an easier life, whether people who are good at dancing have superior sexual abilities like peacocks, are girls better at multitasking, and so on. Not only the original experiment, at the end of each experiment there will be an explanation from the experts for the experimental subject.

7. Formula 1: Drive to Survive

Are you the most expensive sports lover in the world? If so, of course you must watch this Netflix racing series.

Not only about competition, F1: Drive to Survive also presents racing dramas, constructor technology innovations, to competition between riders who want to be the golden boy in a team. Everything is packaged as a spectacle with interesting visuals and storytelling. This Netflix series has only aired season 2, but I personally think season 1 is more interesting.

If you are a British accent lover

Missing Ron Weasley from Harry Potter's phenomenal series?

8. Sick Note

This dark comedy Netflix series stars Nick Frost and Rupert Grint. Yes, that Ron in Harry Potter. This TV series first aired in 2017 and is now in season 2. It is still unclear whether this series will continue or not. However, given its popularity, it is likely that this series will continue to air.

The story centers on Daniel Glass (Rupert) who is misdiagnosed with cancer. Since the verdict, people have been kind to him. Worried that they might change again, Daniel keeps the fact that he actually got the wrong diagnosis or doesn't have cancer at all.

9. Peaky Blinders

Peaky Blinders is one of the best Netflix and UK series of course. The story centers on the criminal Shelby family who came to power after World War I.

Cillian Murphy, who is often a criminal in big Hollywood films, is the main character in this series. To increase your confidence in watching this film, in 2018 Peaky Blinders was awarded the Best Drama Series award at the BAFTA TV Awards. Now this series has entered season 5. So, can now the marathon watch until this WFH ends.

If you like colossal wars

The colossal war also had its fans. Colossal warfare is not limited to wars with many enemies, but also phenomenal characters, both fiction and non-fiction, as well as a large budget to present these colossal effects. Well, if you are a history and game lover, the following colossal war Netflix series can be an option.

10.The Ottoman Rise of Empires

One of the most memorable empires in the world is the Turkish empire or better known as the Ottoman Empire or in English the Ottoman Empire.

This latest Netflix series is included in the docudrama category, so you can still learn history even though it is told in film form. In this series you can learn about Sultan Mehmet and the historical Fall of Constantinople.

11. The Witcher

Still haven't watched The Witcher? In this WFH era, now is the right time to catch up before the new season begins.

If you are a game lover, this series is definitely no stranger. Tells about Geralt of Rivia who goes on an adventure to kill monsters. Interestingly, instead of being lifted from the game, this series takes inspiration from his book, which is certainly more comprehensive and interesting.

If you are curious what it feels like to be an Asian living a Western country

12. Kim's Convenience

As an Asian, it is undeniable that there is a little pride if fellow Asians succeed - or even work, whatever they work - in other countries. Hello, Iko Uwais. So, in the Kim's Convenience series, you will be invited to an adventure by a Korean family living in Canada.

One thing that makes this series interesting is not because of their rich lives there, though. On the other hand, this Netflix series offers a family premise that can remain true to themselves amidst a cultural shock in other countries. The typical attitudes of old Asian parents clashed with their children with modern perspectives represent a real picture of Asians wherever they are.

If you are a violent lover on SmackDown

13. The Big Show Show

The Netflix Big Show series will tell you about his family life with his children in a sitcom packaging. Seeing the softer side of a wrestler who often slams people, it's interesting isn't it?

If you like teenage love stories

14. I Am Not Okay With This

We present the magnet of this Netflix series first, yes: I Am Not Okay With This has the same producer as Stranger Things and the same director as The End of the F *** ing World. Immediately interested in watching?

The story centers on Sydney Novak (Sophia Lillis), a 17-year-old awkward who lives with her mother and sister after her father died of suicide. Even though his life is flat, it is unexpected that he has the advantage of using mind power.

If you are not tired of reading news about corona

15. Pandemic: How to Prevent an Outbreak

Well, so remember again, right? In fact, the purpose of this article is to provide recommendations so that you momentarily forget about the real problem of the pandemic out there. Yes, it's okay. I also realized that there are types of bucin out there who love people who hurt them even more. Stockholm syndrome, is it called?

This Netflix series is just like that. The premise will remind you --or maybe even make you even more affectionate - of corona. The difference is, this docuseries is about the vanguard fighters of the influenza virus and their efforts to prevent a global pandemic. Starting from efforts to find a vaccine, frustration about the prevention, to prayer which can be a powerful medicine.

Familiar? Yes, that's why I recommend this series so that it can be our learning in the midst of this COVID-19 pandemic and hopefully we can pass it as a winner.

If you are crazy about K-Pop

16. YG Future Strategy Office

Are you a big fan of K-Pop, especially the BIGBANG group? Then the YG Future Strategy Office is the right spectacle during home quarantine. The YG Future Strategy Office features Seungri (BIGBANG's youngest member) as an advisor to a YG Entertainment division called the "future strategy office". Instead of getting a competent team, Seungri instead gets a team that is clumsy, and weird. From here, ridiculous events began to emerge. Besides featuring Seungri, this series also features other YG Entertainment artists such as Winner, iKON, and Blackpink.

If you really like chess

17. Queen's Gambit

Beth Harmon is an orphan girl who finds pleasure in the game of chess. Who would have thought that the black and white pawns could change Beth's life. It turned out that this girl had a knack for chess, and this game brought her to the ladder of popularity. As Beth Harmon became famous, various problems kept coming back and forth. The Queen's Gambit stars Anya Taylor-Joy who is also known as Hollywood's future scream queen.

So, those were the best Netflix series that you can watch at home. Which one is your favorite, or have other good series recommendations? Write in the comments below.


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