18 Ways To Look Smarter


Who doesn't want to look smarter? So, here are some ways you can try to make you look smarter:

1. Use new words in conversation

Don't be lazy to read the dictionary and look for new equivalent words. Using words that are rarely used in everyday conversation can make other people amazed.

2. Read the book reviews

If you don't have the time or are too lazy to read an entire book, just read the review.

3. Listen to the radio

Along the way to the place of activity, occasionally turn on the local radio. Sometimes there is interesting information on the radio that you can chat with.

4. Watch news programs on TV

When you have time to watch television, take the time to watch news shows. News on TV tends to be more up to date than news in newspapers.

5. Exercising

Several studies have shown a link between physical activity and increased intelligence. So, besides increasing knowledge and improving your appearance, there is nothing wrong with starting to exercise regularly.

6. Take care of your appearance

Appearance is the main asset when you meet other people. You will look smarter and more convincing when your appearance is bright and clean. Take care of your face and body so that it always looks fresh.

7. Focus on what you know

When you are involved in a discussion, focus on what you know. Usually, we tend to want to cover up our shortcomings in front of others. In fact, admitting your ignorance of a topic can actually be beneficial. Talk about things that you really know, then other people will see you as a smart person.

8. Add accessories that make you look smart

Blazers and casual jackets can be an option to make your appearance look smarter.

9. Read the newspaper headlines

Take a peek at the day's newspaper headlines while leaving for an activity. By knowing what news is currently being discussed that day, you will be better prepared to talk.

10. Write your email or short message in correct spelling

Use the correct spelling every time you send messages. Besides making you look smart, other people will also find it easier to read.

11. Listen to classic songs

Listening to classical songs has been shown to increase intelligence. In addition, people who listen to classical songs are often categorized as people with a high taste for music.

12. Learn a foreign language

People who master foreign languages are often seen as smart people. However, several studies have also shown that there is a correlation between foreign language acquisition and intelligence. People who master foreign languages tend to be more adaptable to changing tasks. Now it's also easy to learn a foreign language, you can try learning via learning sites or YouTube as an example

13. Visit the museum

Consider the museum as a place you need to visit. There, you can get a lot of new knowledge that you never knew before.

14. Don't be afraid to express your opinion

Avoid embarrassment to express your opinion in public. You will look smarter when you dare to speak.

15. Read a book

Reading books can increase your knowledge. Start by reading the type of book you like the most, then you can try to read topics that you don't know yet.

16. Talk to yourself

Talking to yourself doesn't always mean you have a mental disorder. Talking to yourself while working on a task actually sends a message to the subconscious to focus more.

17. Follow the news account on twitter

Instead of using Twitter to update your upset status, it's better to follow more news accounts. In addition to increasing knowledge, you will also look smarter when a friend sees your Twitter account's following list.

18. Confidence

After you've finished reading this article, you've found 18 ways to get smarter. Just prepare your confidence to show intelligence.


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