3 Anime Recommendations for Adult Viewers That Will Change Your Conceptions


When we talk about anime, what is the first thought that comes to mind? Japan? Cartoon? Middle School Settings? Or even shows for children and adolescents? The latter perspective is probably quite often shared by ordinary people. Even though there are many anime recommendations that will open our minds.

Indeed, anime became popular for the first time on Indonesian television screens because of children's series such as Doraemon and Pokemon, or series for teenagers such as Naruto and Dragon Ball. Moreover, anime usually often takes a school background even though the series itself may be in the superhero or fantasy genre.

This creates a conception that anime is a particular story genre and not part of a wider animation medium. Even though the anime genre is as diverse as Hollywood films. Well, this article is intended to provide a list of unique anime recommendations that can change your view of anime that is only suitable for certain age audiences.

Anime recommendation # 1 Tatami Galaxy

Tired of romance anime in high school with all the cliches? Maybe Tatami Galaxy could be the answer. Adapted from the novel Tomihiko Morimi and directed by Masaaki Yuasa, Tatami Galaxy tells the story of a 5th semester student who regrets having wasted two years of college in a campus organization he hates and remains single, even though he hopes to find his ideal girl when he first enters college. Everything changes when the anonymous protagonist meets the matchmaking god at a roadside noodle shop. The god told him that he could turn back time to semester 1 and give him the opportunity to have the ideal college life.

Through its storytelling style, Tatami Galaxy managed to capture the idealism we felt when we first entered college and the disappointment that followed the reality that campus life was not as beautiful as freshmen imagined. Sometimes expectations are too high, making us fail to see nice little moments and choose to see big, disappointing failures. Tatami Galaxy teaches that when we go too fast to meet our own expectations, it's good to slow down and appreciate the precious little moments. This watch is a good anime recommendation for early adulthood.

Anime Recommendation # 2 Planetes

In 2075, Ai Tanabe dreamed of going among the stars and therefore he joined Technora Inc., a conglomerate company operating in Earth orbit. Unfortunately, he finds that his job as a space junker is underestimated by other parts of the company. Not to mention that his division was filled with annoying astronauts like his partner, Hachirouta Hoshino.

The anime recommendation this time is the adaptation of a manga by Makoto Yukimura which is arguably the love letter of mankind to outer space. Even JAXA (Japan Space Exploration Agency) is involved as a technical consultant for this anime and ensures the accuracy of this anime against scientific theory. Even so, this love letter not only contains humanity's best achievements in space exploration but also a critique of human civilization which destroyed the earth for profit and war, now trying to leave the same destruction in outer space. When politics and business come into play, maybe being an astronaut isn't as easy as when Yuri Gagarin said "Poyekhali!" 104 years ago.

Anime Recommendation # 3 Monster

When Doctor Kenzou Tenma, accidentally rescues a serial killer, he is determined to hunt down and stop his crimes. Adapted from Naoki Urasawa's masterpiece, this anime is one of the favorites of many mystery serial enthusiasts. This adaptation from director Kojima Masayuki arguably sticks to Urasawa's original story. Urasawa himself is famous for the diversity of characters in the series.

Starting from a former East German intelligence officer, a detective in the German federal police, a daughter of a German conglomerate to an anti-Middle Eastern neo Nazi group, Monster has a variety of interesting characters as the main soul of this anime. In the end, the audience is faced with the important question who is the real monster in this story? Those who realize themselves are cruel and vile or those who are cruel but still try to justify their abominations.

It must be admitted that anime with a background in high school drama or action action involving teenagers with superpowers is always interesting for all to watch regardless of age. However, the anime medium itself consists of many unique genres and a variety of target age demographics. This proves that anime is not only a spectacle for teenagers and children.


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