30+ Ways to Get Money from the Internet


There are many ways to get money from the internet for those who want to earn a side income or want to change jobs. It's just that, you have to be careful. Like work in general, how to increase income from the internet is also tricky. Expand the info about fraud and other illegal activities.

In this article, we will discuss more than 30 easy ways to get money from the internet. Generally there are two categories, namely how to make money from the internet through a blog or website and how to make money from the internet without having to create a website (through social media, special platforms, participating in contests, and many more.)

How to Get Money from the Internet Without a Website

If you want to earn long-term income, having a website is a must. However, websites are not always the only way to get money from the internet.

1. Korektor atau Proofreader

If the website tester checks the quality of the website, the corrector or proofreader checks the quality of a text. A proofreader has an obligation to ensure that the text is free from typos, grammar, use of punctuation, spaces, and formatting. If you are very thorough and understand the standard of correct and correct language and writing, being a corrector is the right job.

This profession is generally offered by book publishers. You can send your application through the official website or visit the office in person. However, if you want to work from home, you can check out the many Freelancer's sites. These two sites will connect you with clients who need proofreader services.

2. Film Subtitle Translator

Movie lovers are now increasingly diverse. The language choices presented are not only English or Mandarin. Those of you who master Korean, Japanese, or even German, can try their luck to become a freelance translator for film subtitles (subtitlers). In addition to sharpening language skills, working as a subtitler also trains sensitivity and creativity.

The choice of words and sentences must be in accordance with the context, storyline, and simple and easy for the audience to digest. Even a subtitler must understand the term humor when working on a translation for a comedy film. This is to maintain the element of humor conveyed in the film. If translated literally or the use of the word is not correct, the message of a film will fail to be conveyed.

In addition to mastering foreign languages, the requirements to become a subtitler are like watching movies, following the development of the film world, not getting bored quickly when sitting for hours because you have to listen to the storyline, have a lot of vocabulary (can read books), and most importantly, can work fast under pressure.

So, if you are interested in this field, you can try applying through sites such as Jobstreet, SribuLancer, or Upwork. Join the local community to get tips and tricks about translation. Not infrequently, you can even get freelancer jobs in the community.

3. Join a company that offers remote work

If you currently want a new career, or don't want to be trapped in a situation that is just like that, finding a job with a remote system can be quite a tantalizing consideration. Currently, many companies are looking for part-time and full-time employees and don't really bother about the place to work.

Generally, remote positions are offered such as customer support, designer, or maybe the position you are currently in.

Remote job information can be searched via the internet, for example by visiting several sites such as Flexjobs, SolidGigs, We Work Remotely, and Remote.

4. Joined Clarity.FM

Being proficient in a field can be a source of income for you. Do not believe? Just try joining sites like Clarity.FM, Savvy.is, and Coach.me. These three sites will connect you with many clients.

Even though the income generated is not so much, joining Clarity.FM can be one way to get income on the internet in fast time. You only need to create an account to share the information or knowledge you have.

5. Paid Online Survey

Paid online surveys have not been able to provide a large income. However, if you want to earn money fast without having special skills, this type of survey is the solution. Compensation obtained in the form of cash, coupons, gifts, or gift cards.

Usually the surveyor will ask for demographic information to find out your background and interests. After that, you can immediately do an online survey.

Example of four sites for paid surveys:

6. Micro Job

Micro tasks or micro jobs are tasks or jobs that require accuracy and human intelligence to complete. Even in this all-automatic era, there are certain jobs that only humans can do.

The job in question is a job that is small and simple and does not require any technical skills. For example, you may be asked to double-check search results for given keywords, translate paragraphs, or classify the tone and feel of an article.

To do micro jobs, you only need a computer and an internet connection. One platform that provides this work is Amazon Mechanical Turk.

7. Selling Designs

The next way to make money on the internet is to join a site like Society6. On this platform, you can upload and sell designs that can be used in various items, for example smartphone cases, t-shirts, rugs, etc.

Society6 does not charge any prepayments. You can immediately sell designs and generate income.

Open an 'online shop', upload a design, and select an item or product to showcase your design. Sales products can also be sent according to consumer demand.

8. Freelance Writer

Actually, writing has been able to make money for someone for a long time, especially in the online world. You don't even need to worry if you don't have experience in this field.

First of all, choose the topic and content type to write. For example:

  • Blog post for SaaS sites

  • Copy or marketing text on real estate websites

  • Marketing email messages for health and wellness websites

After choosing a topic, make some writing samples to make it easier to find work. You can take advantage of freelance platforms or upload writing samples to websites, such as Medium or LinkedIn.

9. Create a Podcast

Lately, many people choose to become podcasters (the name for those who make podcasts). If you like to share stories or research information by conducting interviews, making podcasts can be a way to get money from the internet, even without having to use PayPal payments.

Podcasts can be listened to anywhere. Whether it's at home or when the listener is on a trip. Not only that, podcasts can also be listened to at any time of the day or night. This is what then makes the podcast have a lot of fans.

There are two things to consider to become a successful podcaster, namely audio quality and content.

For those who choose interview podcasts, make a list of sources who if they match the topic to be delivered. Practice with friends, relatives, or family. Ask questions as if you were interviewing a source. This way, you will be better prepared to release your first podcast!

To get a picture of how podcasts work, take some time and listen to podcasts on iTunes or Spotify. Listen to a few podcasters, then note what they have in common.

  • Does the podcast you listen to tell interesting stories?

  • Does the podcast you listen to include elements of comedy or humor?

  • Does the podcast you listen to provide a unique perspective or perspective?

  • Does the podcast you listen to provide distinctive interviews?

From the most listened to podcasts (top podcasts), you can know what to include and avoid when creating a podcast episode.

Your podcast income depends on the number of followers you have and how often your podcast is listened to. The more followers and the number of podcast downloads, the higher the income.

Here are some tips for making podcasts even more profitable:

  • Sell ​​products and services related to the podcast topic.

  • Complete the podcast by creating a membership website.

  • Offer sponsorship or collaboration at the beginning of each podcast episode.

  • Open donations for podcasts.

10. Social Media Admin

Being active on social media can be an opportunity to make money. Especially if you already understand very well the benefits of social media to build a persona and business. You can immediately offer services to individuals or business owners who need a social media admin.

To strengthen your career, educational websites, such as the Hootsuite Academy, have a variety of materials related to the advantages and disadvantages of social media that can be learned. After that, look for social media admin jobs on sites, like Upwork and Freelancer.

11. SEO Specialist

As long as people still use Google and similar platforms to find information, the opportunity to become an SEO Specialist is still wide open. You only have to enrich yourself with SEO knowledge, such as increasing website rankings, keywords that are always in an orderly position, and so on.

There are many sources for learning SEO, including:

To test your SEO level, you can start by creating your own website. Alternatively, join platforms, such as Upwork and Freelancer.co.id.

12. become an Instagram celebrity

As one of the fastest growing social media platforms, Instagram could be the right place to earn income. The key is just having a lot of followers.

Indeed, increasing the number of followers to thousands or even millions is not easy. However, the taste will be worth the online income you get. Big brands and companies will pay for each post that promotes their service or product.

Usually, the cost of posting content depends on the number of followers and how active they are to view and like your posts. If you really want to pursue this field, it is not impossible that you will generate hundreds or even millions of rupiah per post.

One of the easiest ways to increase your following is by posting an 'Instagramable' photo. You can learn things related to the Flat Lay format and concept, the use of filters, photo taking angles, photo editing, and most importantly, must be unique.

13. Graphic designer

For those who have design skills or often use Photoshop and Illustrator software, working as a graphic designer can be a way to get money from the internet.

Try to join the 99designs platform. On this site, you will compete with other designers for a project. If the client likes your design, cooperation between the two parties will be created.

Another way to introduce your profession to the public is to do manual and offline approaches. Go to a local business or community owner and offer your expertise. Who knows your services are in need, right? For example, you may be asked to design a new logo, brochure, or even a company uniform.

14. Voice Book Narrator

The growing popularity of sound books or audio books lately is a sign that a lot of people have switched from printed books to sound books. They prefer to "listen to a book" rather than read it. It's just that, the collection of sound books is not as many as printed books.

If you like to read and have a good voice, voicebook narrator can be a promising job.

For the first time, you can join ACX by creating an account first. This platform will bring together the narrator and the author of the book.

Also prepare a microphone with clear sound quality and recording software. Then make some sample sounds when you read a book.

If you want to expand your reach, create an account with Upwork and select an audibook narration.

15. Website Developer

To become a website developer, you have to learn coding first. If you're already proficient, head to job sites, like Upwork and Freelancer, and find the job that's right for you.

You can also create a website and include a portfolio in it. But beforehand, determine the niche first. For example, you only offer website creation services for real estate agents and property management companies or you focus on developing eCommerce websites using the WooCommerce and WordPress platforms.

16. Website Tester

Can you judge which designs are attractive and which are not? Or do you know what factors make an application or website worth launching? Well, you can try your luck as a website tester.

The task of a tester is to provide feedback and perform testing to find out whether an error will appear or not. For example, unclear content, confusing layout, or navigation menus that look complicated. All this information will be valuable input for online business people.

Several sites that offer the opportunity to be a website tester:

17. Selling programming software or applications

Learning programming opens up many opportunities, for example preparing to apply to freelance in the IT field or having the ability to create and develop software yourself.

If you are already proficient, you can create applications according to client requests, develop mobile applications or websites with a specified niche, or create games specifically for mobile devices. There is a lot of success you can achieve being a programmer.

Currently, there are many software developed by well-known companies, such as Google Play or the Apple Store. However, the developers behind the software are ordinary people like you. There is nothing wrong, right, to start learning programming from now on?

Some tips if you are interested in developing and selling software yourself:

  • Do market research to find out what kind of applications are most sought after and needed.

  • Develop the MVP version.

  • Ask for criticism and suggestions from users and beta testers of the application.

  • Create and develop applications based on the criticism and suggestions that have been collected previously.

  • Do a marketing campaign according to the budget that has been prepared.
For reference, you can read the story of Nathan Barry, the founder of ConvertKit, who managed to build his software startup.

If you find that developing and selling software yourself takes a long time, you have another alternative, namely by applying to be a freelancer.

Visit freelancing sites, such as Upwork and Freelancer, then find a locker or offer that suits your fancy. Apart from that, there is also Remoteok.io which advertises remote programming positions.

18. Apply as a Virtual Assistant

If you are good at creating and managing plans, being a virtual assistant can be a way to earn money. This role is responsible for a variety of tasks, such as bookkeeping, data entry, e-mail, research, and many more.

Besides being a source of income, being a virtual assistant opens up opportunities for you to meet important people, especially since this service is increasingly needed.

Today, small business owners prefer to hire virtual assistant services instead of hiring full-time staff. The work field itself can be accessed through sites, such as Fiverr, Upwork, and Remote.co.

19. Become a YouTuber

If Google covers all types of searches from text to videos, YouTube focuses its media on displaying various entertainment or informative videos.

Then, how do you get money from the internet through YouTube? There are two ways, namely using the advertising system provided and directing subscribers to visit your website or social media.

If you feel comfortable in front of the camera and want to try making videos, there's nothing wrong with having your own YouTube channel. First of all, decide on a channel theme: what would you like to tell or convey to subscribers? There are generally two types of channels that will attract attention:

  • Entertainment videos. For example, web series, comedy, pranks, reviews, 'walkthrough' videos for games, and much more.

  • Educational videos. This content is like a visualized 'how-to' article. If you have the ability (skills) or want any kind of information, this type of video can be the right choice.

If you already know what kind of theme you want to display on your YouTube channel, the next step is to create a unique name. This name will be used as the name for your channel.

Some tips for being a successful YouTuber:

  • Record with a high quality camera.

  • Try out several different styles, formats, and video editing techniques until you find one that fits.

  • Optimize video titles, descriptions and images to get more clicks.

  • Set a video publishing schedule so subscribers know when they can watch videos on your channel.

20. Sell on Amazon

Amazon is one of the largest online marketplaces with over thousands of products listed.

We previously discussed that having an e-commerce website or online store is also a way to make money on the internet. The process of selecting and selling products is almost the same as when you use the Amazon platform to sell.

Look for products that are cheap or in accordance with the budget. After that, branding with your own brand, then reselling it on the market at a higher price.

For delivery, you can do it yourself or work with the supplier / manufacturer. They will package and ship the product to the buyer.

21. Selling Handicraft Products on Etsy

There are many ways to make money without leaving the house, and one of them is selling handicraft products on Etsy. Especially if you produce these items yourself. Besides earning income from the internet, you can also use this opportunity to hone your skills.

Etsy is one of the largest selling platforms for a wide variety of handicrafts, from iPhone cases to simple shelves to rings and much more.

You don't need to have a website first or even create a profile like social media. Etsy already has a lot of members which you can of course take advantage of. Also, if you already have regular customers, you can start creating an online store website that sells your own products.

Tips for successful selling on Etsy:

  • Do your research first to make sure that your product will be of interest to people on Etsy.

  • Calculate the time it takes to make a product. Is the selling price equal to production time and material costs?

  • List the advantages and disadvantages of your product. In order to sell well in the market, your product must have its own uniqueness but also not put aside buyers' tastes.

22. Investing in Cryptocurrency

Bitcoin was trending a few years ago, and there are still many enthusiasts today. If you have never invested in Bitcoin and / or other cryptocurrencies, now is the time.

In fact, investing in cryptocurrency is like investing in any other field, and there are risks, of course. However, by learning more about cryptocurrency, you can successfully make long-term investments.

The first step if you want to do cryptocurrency is to increase information about cryptocurrency and hone investment skills. BitDegree is the best resource that offers a number of tutorials and online courses so that you can understand correctly and correctly about cryptocurrency.

There are many ways to make money through cryptocurrency, such as:

  • Invest in coins before the IPO or before their value increases.

  • Learn how to program and work with blockchain.

  • Become a writer or cryptocurrency writer.

  • Apply for a job at a startup company in the cryptocurrency field.

23. Buy and Sell Domains

A quick way to make money that is also worth trying is buying and selling domains.

Head over to the Just Dropped site and choose a unique domain name to buy. List it, wait for potential buyers, and start selling.

There have been many people who have proven successful in making profits of up to thousands of dollars per year just from buying and selling domains.

24. Buying and Selling Websites

Buying and selling websites is the same as buying and selling a house. Houses that have a high investment value are bought, then repaired, then sold at high prices in order to get the maximum profit.

Even though buying and selling websites looks easy, you can't close your eyes to the level of risk. Don't buy a website that you already know doesn't mean anything.

The following are tips for buying and selling websites:

  • Look for websites that you think have selling value and can still be developed. For a list of websites that can be purchased, please check the marketplaces, such as EmpireFlippers, Flippa, and We Sell Your Site.

  • Do research on revenue and traffic figures, backlinks (link profile), and the reasons why the website is sold.

  • If numbers one and two have been answered, buy the website immediately.

  • Improve the quality of the site and optimize it until the number of traffic increases and revenue increases.

  • Selling websites at competitive prices.

25. Register as a freelancer on various sites, such as Upwork

On the internet, there are many websites that offer freelance job vacancies. The client will place an ad to find someone who matches their criteria. In recent times, the demand for freelancers has been increasing.

Here are some sites that are popular with freelancers or freelancers:

  • Upwork
  • Freelancers
  • Fiverr
  • Teacher

In order to be recruited through the four platforms above, identify the abilities and expertise you have. Establish a niche. For example, if you want to work as a freelance writer, the chosen niche is about writing articles, tutorials, and so on. Never label yourself as a freelancer for any type of work. The level of competition is high. Therefore, branding yourself is only on one skill. Present yourself as someone that employers in that field are looking for.

Refine your profile, create a sample work or portfolio, and start looking for work.

If you want to make your main income from a platform like Upwork, take a little time to visit the Freelance to Win website. This site will help you to become a high paying freelancer.

26. Create Email Marketing

Every day your inbox is never empty. There are always emails coming in, and some of them are newsletters. This newsletter was sent because you agreed to subscribe to a service. So, when you find a newsletter in your inbox, what do you usually do? Immediately read the message or even wonder, "how come there is this email in my inbox?".

Writing an email newsletter with a special niche can be one way to get money from the internet. So true! You just have to create an email with a compelling message to grab the attention of a group of people who are your target market. Marketing email delivery is necessary to create a stable and solid business. theSkimm, for example, has successfully earned millions of dollars by sending a daily newsletter email.

ConvertKit, Drip, MailChimp, and Aweber are examples of platforms you can rely on to create email newsletters.

Here are some tips from us for a successful email marketing campaign:

  • Determine the business niche, then choose an email marketing writing style.

  • Choose an email marketing provider.

  • Create a simple landing page and drive as much traffic as possible.

  • Send periodic emails to visitors who agree to subscribe.

The main goal is to build trust between you and the customer. So, when the newsletter arrives in the inbox, they will not hesitate and immediately read the message.

If a lot of people have clicked and read the marketing email that was sent, you can start selling, for example:

  • Offering digital products.

  • Online courses with a subscription system.

  • Send affiliate offers to your sius subscribers.

  • Offer sponsorship or cooperation.

27. Writing and Publishing eBooks

Self-publishing books that are written are getting more and more loved these days. For those who like to write or have dreams of seeing their written books on display in online bookstores, now is the right time. Writing and publishing digital books is one of the ways to make money online even for beginners.

Although there will be many rivals, if the book written contains informative and useful content, success will certainly be ready for you.

Self-publishing a written book means that you also have to edit, format, design covers, upload it to a special platform, such as Amazon, write a description, and market it.

Some tips for your digital books to sell well in the market:

  • Do market research. Make sure the topic of the digital book you want to write about does not have a lot of competition, but still has a market and readers.

  • Write a book that contains quality information, and don't hesitate to hire a professional editor.

  • Also hire a designer to make a cover and write a short, catchy description. Remember, these two elements are one of the most important factors your book sells on the market.

  • Write a book series, of course with knowledge, or information, or a story that catches the market's attention.

You alone determine your success as a book writer. Write the best digital book you can and create an email list with potential readers to send out a newsletter. The more often you study and hone your writing skills, the more money you will make.


The twenty-seven professions above can be used as a main or secondary source of income. You don't have to do everything, just choose the one you like the most. Sharpen your skills, then try your luck by registering on a number of sites or companies that require your expertise.

Work doesn't necessarily bring you a lot of money. Work with all your heart. Along with increasing skills and professionalism, your income will also increase.

Are there any ways to get money from the internet that we haven't discussed? Let us know in the comments below.


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