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31 TikTok Latest Viral Songs in 2020, Many People use for Engagement until Gaming

You can find TikTok songs now not only in the TikTok application itself, but also on various other social media platforms.

So don't be surprised if the popularity of the latest TikTok songs goes viral faster, because it's not only often heard by users.

Well, for those of you who want to create TikTok video content and are still confused about which song to choose, I have a collection of the latest viral TikTok songs that are interesting for you to try.

Curious to know what? Here is a list of the latest TikTok 2020 songs that are viral.

Latest TikTok Songs that are currently Viral

Many musicians have become famous thanks to TikTok such as rapper Lil Nas X whose song, Old Town Road, went viral on the social media.

So, on this occasion, I would like to discuss the latest 21+ TikTok songs that are currently viral that you can use as content ideas!

1. Jason Derulo - Savage Love

The list of the first viral TikTok songs is titled Savage Love which was popularized by American singer Jason Derulo.

Combined with simple dance moves and beat songs that are really fun to dance, this viral TikTok song has even been used by many artists and celebrities on their TikTok accounts, you know.

Well, if you want to download this TikTok song, you can download it in an online music application like Spotify.

2. Megan Three Stallion - Savage

Popularized by singer-rapper Megan Three Stallion, Savage is the next viral British TikTok song.

People usually make TikTok videos using this song combined with simple dance movements, and it's still easy for you to imitate.

3.K Camp - Lottery (Renegade)

Well, if the newest TikTok viral song, this one is perfect for those of you who want to show their dancing skills.

The problem is that even though it looks simple, in reality it is quite difficult to adjust the music beat and movements. Especially if you make the video together with friends, girlfriends, or friends.

The song with the hip hop and rap genre itself has actually been released since 2019, but is now back in popularity because it is widely used in TikTok videos.

4. Dua Lipa - Don't Start Now

Not only is it nice to sing about, this one of the most popular western songs also turns out to be suitable as a backsound for TikTok videos, you know!

The song titled Don't Start Now itself was popularized by female singer Dua Lipa with a disco-style musical arrangement.

Because of the popularity of this song among TikTok users, several local and foreign artists also made the video.

5. Benee ft. Gus Dapperton - Supalonely

Still confused about which video to make a viral TikTok song? If so, you can try to use a song called Supalonely which was published by singer Benee ft. This Dapperton.

If you pay attention, the TikTok dance movement of this song itself is actually not much different from other viral TikTok songs.

6. SZA & Calvin Harris - The Weekend (Funk Wav Remix)

Tiktok western song this one is a version of the song The Weekend of SZA which has been remixed by renowned DJ Calvin Harris.

The latest TikTok song this one is viral after becoming a dance challenge material at the end of 2019 thanks to simple and easy to follow movements.

7. Zico - Any Song

Following in the footsteps of Lil Nas X, member of the K-Pop group Block B, Zico, is an example of a musician who uses TikTok as a path to success.

To market his new song, Any Song, Zico started the Any Song Challenge with Hwasa from MAMAMOO which was watched by 4 million TikTok users.

This new TikTok 2020 song has become even more viral after other K-Pop stars such as Tiffany from SNSD participated in this challenge!

8. Plot Twist - All I Want For Christmas Is You

As a Christmas classic, Mariah Carey All I Want For Christmas Is You always appears on the charts in the Christmas period.

But at the end of 2019, a unique version appeared that combined the song with the song Crank That from rapper Soulja Boy!

This latest TikTok song in December 2019 has gone viral thanks to a unique plot twist where the original song turns into a Crank That song all of a sudden.

9. Weird Genius - Lathi

Who doesn't know this latest TikTok song that is viral? This song is a genius mix between EDM and traditional music.

10. Natalie Taylor - Surrender

The latest song on TikTok has indeed been released since 2015, but its popularity has peaked again recently after being included in TikTok content.

This song is usually used for sad content, whether it's breaking up dating or tragedy in his life. But not infrequently it is also used for motivational content.

As a social media service that is indeed the center of expressing emotions, this song will definitely stir your emotions to the core!

11. Sales - Chinese New Year

If you want to see the actions taken by TikTok users, try to watch the video for the latest TikTok song Chinese New Year from Sales.

Here later, people will pose quietly or just as usual, as if nothing happened.

Then, when they entered the "I see you at the movies" section, people started dancing and jogging hilariously. Surely you've used it too, right?

12. Doja Cat - Candy

One of the newest TikTok songs 2019 that is still popular today is Candy from American rapper Doja Cat.

This song itself is widely used as background music for TikTok users who want to show their dancing skills!

Unfortunately, for those of us who want to bow, we have to try hard to be satisfied being passive fans because this dance challenge movement is quite difficult.

13. Doja Cat - Say So

It seems Doja Cat understands TikTok very well, because his song Say So also went viral on TikTok.

The newest TikTok song on this one is indeed very easy listening so I was also not surprised when this song exploded on TikTok.

Fortunately, this dance challenge relies more on hand movements, so those of you who have mediocre coordination should also be able to enliven it!

14. Justin Bieber - Yummy

To celebrate his return to the world of music, Justin Bieber decided to join TikTok with his new song, Yummy!

TikTok users also immediately welcomed Bieber's arrival because this song was also immediately viral thanks to the very catchy chorus.

It seems that Bieber, who is also a true gamer, intends to follow in the footsteps of other musicians who have managed to find success on TikTok through this song.

15. Y2K & bbno$ - Lalala

A western TikTok song that has also gone viral recently is Lalala which is a collaboration of music producer Y2K and rapper bbno $.

The intro of this song which starts with Did I really just forget that melody? indeed very iconic and the basis of inspiration for TikTok users.

Well, at the end of 2019, this song became even more viral thanks to the Lalala Hand Challenge where users were challenged to demonstrate hand emojis on the screen!

This song is a prime example of the creativity of TikTok users that makes this social media so exciting!

16. Village People - YMCA (Party City Version)

To use the most recent and viral TikTok songs, it is usually accompanied by challenges plus a zoom effect. Whoever has his face zoomed the first is the one who loses in this challenge. Many have gone viral because of this song.

17. DJ Tari Ubur-Ubur

The origins of this song's popularity are a bit vague but the viral TikTok song DJ Tari Ubur-Ubur exploded among Indonesian users!

No wonder, many use this song as one of the most favorite TikTok Indonesian song list songs in their TikTok content.

How about you? Are you interested in using this song?

18. Anne-Marie - 2002

One of the most popular dance challenges that TikTok users have done is the 2002 song from Anne-Marie which was very viral among users from Asia.

The songs are also very related to the millennial generation, one of which is a song called 2002.

No wonder, there are so many TikTok users who make this song their ideal content.

19. Conkarah - Banana

Surely you know the most popular TikTok song on this one! Even though it was released in 2019, this song went viral again thanks to TikTok.

Later in TikTok content, people will dance wearing glasses to the music of Banana.

Because easy listening and the movements are easy, many people are interested in using this song as material for their creative content.

20. Melly Goeslow - Bagaikan Langit (Remix Version)

Well, this is one of the most popular and viral Indonesian TikTok song titles a while ago. Actually, this is the best old Indonesian pop song belonging to one of the Indonesian divas, Melly Goeslow.

Not only that, thanks to #FaceZoomChallenge, the song went viral by showing a cute and adorable face while zooming in.

No wonder there are so many domestic and even foreign celebrities and public figures who love to use this song in their TikTok content.

21. ATC - All Around the World (La La La La La)

Maybe you are curious about the title of the latest TikTok song used in the Head Snake Challenge which will appear at the end of 2019?

Well, the song used in this challenge is All Around the World (La La La La La) which first came out in 2000!

This one challenge is also quite unique because of the many strange variations of the magic bin that have been made by TikTok users around the world.

22. Surfaces - Sunday Best

The TikTok song, which was viral in 2020, has actually been released in 2019. Fortunately, thanks to TikTok, this song has returned to popularity and has even topped the charts in many countries.

This song combines movements and songs that are funky and fun. Usually the users will dance together cheerfully.

For those of you who are sad or upset, this TikTok song is perfect for entering your playlist.

23. Powfu - Death Bed

For those of you who like to use TikTok, you must be familiar with this one song, right?

Titled Death Bed by Powfu, this song is perfect for your best content on TikTok.

The songs that tend to be chill are usually used for creative and innovative content.

24. Public - Make You Mine

Don't admit to true TikTokers if you haven't used this romantic TikTok song as your best content material!

But yes, usually this song is only used for romantic moments that are recorded on camera shots.

For example, moments of engagement, proposal, marriage, and the like. For those who are single, which one can feel the sweetness of this moment, sob!

25. Melanie Martinez - Play Date

Well, this TikTok song has been released by Melanie Martinez for a long time. This song is more varied in use and tends to be more innovative.

Suppose someone uses this song to show their daily life at the gym or while shopping.

There are also those who use this song to show the harmony of the couple. Anyway guaranteed really cool!

26. Hareudang

Until now I still don't understand why this TikTok song has suddenly gone viral and many are using it.

The concept is a bit unclear, different from other songs that are specifically about love or sadness.

Many use this song for the concept of friendship, friendship, or even competition between 2 different groups.

27. I Like Young Mama's Rocking Body

This TikTok song will only go viral in 2020. This is because this song includes a choreo that is not too difficult and a cool rhythm.

No wonder, people are busy covering the video. Even from ordinary people to artists and state officials, they don't want to be left behind!

How about you? Have you copied the fun movements of this song?

28. Doja Cat - Boss Bitch

Released as one of the songs played in the film Birds of Prey (2020), this song turned out to attract TikTok creators to be creative.

Usually, this song is used to describe the luxury and wealth that the users have.

Besides that, this song is also used to show off the eccentric things that TikTok users who wear it have. Hilarious and really exciting!

29. Katelyn Lapid - When She Loved Me (cover)

Well, if this one song is actually a song from Sarah McLachlan which was released from 2009 as the soundtrack of the movie Toy Story (2009).

Because it has a sad rhythm and tone, this song is often used to describe sad TikTok content.

Starting from the story of a child who misses their parents to the story of the death of a favorite animal, this content is guaranteed to make you a flood of tears!

30. Rataouille & Roman Holiday Remix

Have you ever seen TikTok content that presents two contrasting events, where one shows a scene of panic and the other shows a calm and calm scene?

Well, they used a remix of these two songs. Rataouille itself comes from the soundtrack of a popular animated film entitled Rataouille (2007).

Meanwhile, the song Roman Holiday itself is a song by rapper and musician Nikki Minaj. Guaranteed to be hilarious!

31. Simple Plan - I'm Just a Kid

Being recognized as one of the most popular Western songs seems to make Simple Plan's I'm Just a Kid a TikTok song that is often used as content.

This song itself is unique because it is used by TikTokers as nostalgic content in childhood.

Later, they will pose as their childhood photo, then the screen will change to the photo in question. Really suitable for adding familiarity to family or peers.

The final word

That is, the list of the latest TikTok songs that are viral! Many of my acquaintances who were initially not interested in TikTok are now joining in.

For jokes for change, the TikTok application is indeed a great choice, especially when used with friends and colleagues!

Have you ever followed a challenge with the song above? Or do you have other recommendations for the latest TikTok songs? Share in the comments column!


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GAMEVOS: 31 TikTok Latest Viral Songs in 2020, Many People use for Engagement until Gaming
31 TikTok Latest Viral Songs in 2020, Many People use for Engagement until Gaming
So don't be surprised if the popularity of the latest TikTok songs goes viral faster, because its not only often heard by users. Curious to know what?
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