5 male behaviors that attract women's attention


Hundreds of scientific studies have been conducted by scientists to determine the behavior and traits of men that can attract women's attention. Every woman may have her own personal tastes, but there are also what we know as 'public tastes' - things that appeal to women in general. Of course there is nothing wrong with looking at the following things, which scientists suggest as attractive male behavior according to public taste:

1. Wearing Red Clothes

Of course that doesn't mean you have to change all the colors of your clothes to red. However, if your wardrobe was only concerned with safe colors like black or gray, this is the time for you to refresh your appearance with a red incision.

Dr. Andrew J. Elliott and Adam Pazda from the University of Rochester concluded that the color red in men is associated with power in women. On the other hand, the red color that women wear can also symbolize a signal of a woman's interest in a relationship with a man.

2. Leaving the shaving mark on the chin

Instead of a clean shave, you can try changing your appearance by leaving a razor mark on your chin. Research from the University of South Wales suggests that this chin shave is associated with emotional maturity and male virility.

3. Develop good posture

Upright, but not stiff. Dr. Jeremy Nicholson reveals that with a good posture, an ordinary face will look dozens of times more attractive.


4. Showing a firm face

A firm face - firm, not sullen - implies a confident and dominant man, at least according to research by Jessica Tracy and Alex Beall from the University of British Columbia, Canada. Men who smile moderately are far more attractive to women than those who always smile.

5. Train muscle fitness

You don't have to be Ade Rai, but women in general will be more attracted to men who exercise discipline than those who don't.

In addition, sweat has been shown to contain the chemical component androstadienone, which serves to increase women's sexual attraction to men. As long as of course don't allow yourself to keep sweating!


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