5 NARUTO Masterpiece Song, Blue Bird from Ikimonogakari Ranked First | Survey from Masterpiece Ranking


The survey result of Ikimonogakari "Blue Bird" was announced as the number one in the anime "NARUTO" masterpiece ranking. In this survey, RecoChoku conducted user voting on the "RecoChoku Music Information" site for 15 days from July 12 to 26, and received 1315 valid responses. This was done to commemorate the release of the latest movie version, "Theatrical Version NARUTO Blood Prison," on July 30th.

When asked, "Which song is NARUTO's masterpiece?", The 10th single released in 2008 received the most votes from episodes 54 to 5 of the TV anime "NARUTO Shippuden." Ikimonogakari "Blue Bird" was in charge of the opening theme that aired in episode 77. The reason is, "The tune with a sense of speed and the slightly sad lyrics are very nice, reminiscent of the difficulty that Naruto confronts" (female in her 20s), "I like the song itself because it has a refreshing feeling of running through." (Male, 20s), "It was perfect for the image of a unique world view based on blue" (Female, teens), etc., the positive lyrics and the powerful sound with a sense of speed attracted support.

Second place is FLOW's "GO !!! (2004)", which was in charge of the opening theme aired in episodes 78-103 of the TV anime "NARUTO". "The feeling of rhythm that runs through and the world view of the song overlaps with the straight part of Naruto" (teen, male), "Song that sings Naruto's way of life" (teen, male), etc. Many people said that the attitude of Naruto Uzumaki, the main character who continues to challenge, and the positive and dynamic lyrics and melody match very well. In addition, FLOW "Sign (2010)" also ranked in 3rd place.

4th place is Kana Nishino "if (2010)", and 5th place is "Lover's (2011)" of the new band 7 !! (Seven Ups), which is the opening theme of the V anime "NARUTO" currently being aired. Is ranked in. Up to 10th place is open to the public in "RecoChoku Music Information". URL: http://recochoku.com/news/touhyou/

The opening and ending themes of the NARUTO series are being distributed on "RecoChoku Anime / Game / Uta", a site specializing in anime and games. In addition, the video distribution service "RecoChoku Video Streaming" provides a VOD service where you can see the entire Naruto series of anime works.


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