5 Strong and Dangerous Jutsu of Orochimaru in Naruto!


Orochimaru is one of the three famous Sannin legends from Konoha in the manga anime Boruto to Naruto.

Orochimaru has various abilities and jutsu that make his character dangerous.

But what are Orochimaru's moves that are fairly strong and dangerous? Come on, look at the following.

1. Sojasosai no Jutsu

This is a Kinjutsu technique developed by Orochimaru while he was still in Konoha.

Even Anko was also taught by Orochimaru this dangerous technique.

This technique makes the user make a hand seal with his opponent and both of them will be bound in the middle of two large snakes and both of them will die.

2. Fushi Tensei

This was a technique Orochimaru developed which allowed him to transfer his soul to someone else's body.

This technique is synchronized with Shirohebi no Chikara where Orochimaru transforms into his original form and then enters his new body.

Enter his new body using the Fushi Tensei technique.

3. Shirohebi no Chikara

This white snake form is considered to be the original form of Orochimaru, why is the original form? We must explain the details in point 4.

This technique is related to other techniques, in which Orochimaru transforms into a snake.

His soul is also connected to the small snakes that make up his body.

4. Edo Tensei

Of the several versions that already exist, Orochimaru's version of Edo Tensei is actually not the strongest.

But still Edo Tensei is not the problem of the user, but who is turned on by this technique.

Orochimaru so far in the official version has only revived the Hokage, so his Edo Tensei level is very strong.

5. Yamata no Jutsu

You could say Yamata no Jutsu is Orochimaru's strongest move.

Orochimaru turned into a giant eight-headed snake whose size was enormous.

The physical strength of this giant is very strong and will flatten what he goes through, but unfortunately the battles are rarely shown.

So, those are the 5 powerful and dangerous techniques from Orochimaru. Which is your favorite?

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