7 Misguided Info About Food


Lots of healthy food info circulating out there. However, it turns out that there are also false information, even if the truth is not proven. Below are 7 food info you don't need to believe!

1. Eggs Are Unhealthy!

Afraid of rising cholesterol because of eggs? No need to worry, research results say that eggs help increase good cholesterol which is useful for the body and does not cause heart disease.

Foods that are rich in these nutrients will actually provide antioxidants that protect our body and eyes. Especially for those who are on a diet, breakfast eggs will help you lose weight significantly! Try it!

2. Avoid Saturated Fats!

Are you often confused about eating the foods above? You don't need to worry anymore, because based on the latest research, saturated fat doesn't cause heart disease.

In fact, eating lots of natural foods that contain lots of saturated fat is good for the body because these foods change HDL (good cholesterol) and reduce LDL (bad cholesterol) in the body. So, don't get me wrong ?!

3. Increase the Grains!

There is a lot of info that says that the best diet is a diet based on whole grains. It turns out that this is not entirely true, because the nutrients contained in whole grains are less complete, even only slightly when compared to vegetables.

Moreover, whole grains, such as wheat, contain phytic acid, a compound that inhibits the absorption of food nutrients. Wheat is also famous for its high gluten content.

This gluten often causes various health problems such as allergies, fatigue, bloating, and is even suspected of being associated with brain disorders such as schizophrenia and cerebellar ataxia. Still want to eat only whole grains?

4. Too Much Protein Is Unhealthy For Bones and Kidneys

Many studies confirm that protein-rich foods accelerate the excretion of calcium in bones. This happens in the short term, but the opposite happens in the long term. In the long run, protein actually helps bone health and reduces the risk of osteoporosis.

Protein also does not cause kidney failure as has been frequently reported. The two main causes of kidney failure are diabetes and high blood pressure. And consuming protein-rich foods will help to lower high blood pressure and reduce the risk of diabetes. Start multiplying side dishes on your diet, okay ?!

5. Eat Low Fat Foods!

Don't be fooled by food products that use low-fat lure. Good food definitely contains fat, without fat it will taste bland.

Therefore, be careful with low-fat products because it could be that these products contain high-calorie sugar, or artificial sweeteners as a substitute for fat in the product.

So, these substances cause various diseases in us, such as obesity, metabolic disorders, diabetes, heart disease, premature birth, and even depression. Hopefully we are more careful, okay ?!

6. Eat throughout the day with small portions

Have you ever heard information that says eat more often, but with smaller portions to increase your metabolism? Well, unfortunately this info is not scientifically proven.

Eating too often makes us always full. This state is not a natural state for the body, it can even be dangerous for our body. This is because when we are in a state of not eating our bodies clean the dirt in our bodies.

Some studies even mention that the percentage risk for colon cancer increases by 90% for those who eat 4 times a day compared to those who eat 2 times a day.

7. Low-Carb Diets are Dangerous

If you've been on a low-fat diet, and haven't gotten the results, maybe now is the time to switch to a low-carb diet. Don't believe that a low-carb diet is dangerous for us because carbohydrates are the main source of energy.

The results shown by some people on a low-carbohydrate diet, among others, were that they succeeded in lowering their body fat even though they were allowed to eat as much as they wanted, significantly lowering blood pressure and raising HDL (good cholesterol) in the body.

So, anyone planning to change their diet?


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