7 Reason You Must Play The Walking Zombie 2, Fun & Hilarious FPS Zombie RPG


When a child is born in a zombie apocalypse world, he becomes the one chosen to be his savior because he turns out to be immune to the zombie virus. Of course, his struggle will not be as flexible as imagined, he must try to survive against zombies, bandits, and so on. That's the background of this zombie shooter game, The Walking Zombie 2.

1. Blocky graphics, but still cool

The graphics used by The Walking Zombie 2 game are actually very blocky, but the number of polygons used for the 3D model is still quite large and looks modern, so the characters still look like humans and animals, even though they actually still look boxy. To be sure, the animation of shooting and reloading the weapon looks cool, not inferior to the Call of Duty game. Even so, sometimes the quests given are quite hilarious, such as being told to poke a toilet filled with human excrement, complete with smelly smokes.

2. Preferably, Played Offline

Although at first the game The Walking Zombie 2 seems to require an Internet connection, this game can actually be played offline. Since this game adheres to the free-to-play stream, we can be sure that there will be video advertisements being shot at the players, so it is best played offline. A little bit of the stamina system is in the use of fuel when the player wants to walk from one location to another. For those who need it, microtransactions can still be used to purchase coins, armor, and remove advertisements.

3. RPG system

Although the appearance of the player character cannot be customized, they can be given their own name and their skills and perks can be customized. Points for this skill can be obtained by leveling up, just like RPG games in general. There are skills for dialogue, skills for shooting, and so on that are useful in this zombie apocalypse world.

4. Zombie FPS RPG

Actually, The Walking Zombie 2 is an RPG game, but the player controls the character from a first person perspective, and there are lots of shootouts with zombies, so this game is quite worthy of being called a zombie RPG.

5. Manage Inventory and Attack Enemies

By touching the bag button, players can access their inventory, where they can equip various kinds of gear in their character, and they can equip various weapons. The way to attack the enemy here is quite easy, just point the crosshair of the weapon at the enemy then he will automatically attack, usually by shooting.

6. FPS Control System

To control the character, the player uses the Mobile-style FPS control system, where in the lower left there is a virtual analog to move the character, while the left thumb is free to use to scroll the screen so that they can see freely. Players can also interact with something when he is near him, such as picking up items or talking to other characters. Just touch the context button which will appear when you are close to something that can be interacted with.

7. Adventure in the Zombie World

Presented by Alda Games, players will act as someone who was born in a world of zombies. He will go on adventures to complete various quests, level up, and more in The Walking Zombie 2.

Follow Story Quest

The adventures of players in this zombie world start from the Camp where players can roam around to talk to the residents. Usually they will give quests to complete, whether it's told to kill zombies, repair fences, or told to poke around toilets filled with human excrement to get the clock that falls inside. Yes, it's a game like that.


As a single player FPS RPG game, The Walking Zombie 2 game is quite classic. The graphics that look quite retro, but still charming, a dancing RPG system to try, dozens of stories and unique side quests, and lots of weapons and gear to use, make this one very interesting game to try. Can you guys find a cure for this zombie world? Find out by playing The Walking Zombie 2!


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