7 Reasons People Want to be Anime Nerds


Ever surprise why such a big amount of adults notice those weird Japanese cartoons appealing? It’s not simply you. “Normal” adults in Japan suppose it’s weird, too.

However, anime otaku (people World Health Organization square measure wholly obsessed on one thing  – during this case – anime) tend to be extremely glad in life, and that i suppose it's loads to try to to with these ten reasons:

1. They get to cosplay

One final reason that anime nerds square measure extremely glad in life is cosplay. Cosplaying is once you dress up like a personality from associate anime, comic book, motion picture or maybe a broadcast. It’s quite like dressing up for Halloween, except whenever you're feeling find it irresistible.

Cosplaying will result in bigger life satisfaction as a result of it’s usually through with alternative, like  individuals at large conventions. Not solely will this facilitate a way of intimacy and community, however it’s conjointly simply a lot of fun.

2. They’re comfy with being “weird”


Unless you furthermore mght watch anime, you almost certainly suppose anime nerds square measure a bit bit weird.

That’s okay, we have a tendency to quite perceive as a result of only a few folks were born look anime. Most folks conjointly thought it absolutely was weird at one purpose or another thus, in a way, we will compassionate you.

Anime nerds square measure wont to being known as weird and lots of folks are literally far more comfy with ourselves due to it.

3. they'll simply create new friends


Not solely is it pretty straightforward for anime nerds to be hospitable creating new friends (see purpose #5), however the community of anime fanatics is really quite massive, even in the U.S. alone. This makes it very easy to seek out new individuals you've got loads in common with.

4. They apprehend that nothing is not possible

One of the most effective elements regarding look anime is however usually a show will surprise you. typically for the better; typically for worse. however if anime nerds apprehend one issue, it’s that anything is doable.

5. They forever have the right cure for a foul day


I think close to everybody has had a terrible day at some purpose. one amongst those days once you don’t want handling anyone or something.

Anime is ideal for those sorts of days. no matter what you're feeling like look, there’s certain to be associate anime to suit the means you're feeling. Anime has several genres, a number of that square measure additional cheerful, sci-fi, or serious than others. you'll be able to simply notice one thing to inspire you with hope, or one thing to cater to your dangerous mood.

6. They extremely worth relationship

Of the core ideas mentioned in anime, relationship is usually one amongst them. several shows place stress on however rare a really sensible friend is, and this makes several anime nerds extremely appreciate the great friends they need.

7. They learn new things usually

While there square measure Chinese and Korean anime-like shows, a typical anime is Japanese. Anime fans return from all corners of the world, thus for anyone not Japanese, anime will truly be rather instructional.

You learn a bit bit regarding Japanese culture no matter what anime you're look, and if you watch the subbed versions of anime (the version in Japanese with English subtitles), you'll be able to conjointly learn phrases and single words in Japanese.


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