9 Ideas Do It Yourself Projects To Beautify Your Home


Yuhu! the weekend is in sight again Do you know what you want to do this vacation? If you are still confused about how to fill your vacation, Hipwee has some simple ideas you can do to decorate your home. The house is more beautiful, you don't have to bother and your vacation will definitely be fun!

1. Label the bottles

Have lots of unused glass bottles at home? Now you can turn it into a beautiful decoration. Just write the word you want on the glass bottle with the glue gun, wait for it to dry and then coat it with the paint color of your choice. Taraaa, you've got the bottle with embossed letters!

2. Pillow Stencil

Simple way to change your plain pillowcase. Choose the lyrics of your favorite song or poem and write it down on a pillowcase using a special cloth marker.

3. Necklace Hanger

Take advantage of unused old boards to make this simple necklace hanger. You only need a board, an old doorknob, a tool to make a hole and voila! This wooden hanger can be used.

4. Shoe Hanger

You can turn your old clothes hanger into a shoe hanger

5. Dress up the glasses

Tired of the sunglasses you have? There are simple ways to juggle it. All you need is beads and glue. Glue the beads according to your taste on the frame of your glasses. Your glasses are now like new and ready for you to take them on vacation.

6. Key Marker Nail Polish

afraid that your keys will be switched? maybe this can be a solution

7. Flying Bookshelf

Arrange your book so that it seems like it is floating by modifying the book holder

8. New Style Shoe Shelf

Your shoe rack is not enough to accommodate all the shoes you have? Relax, there are new ideas that you can try. Using a medium sized PVC pipe, cut it into 4 pieces. Arrange the pieces of pipe according to your wishes and attach them using special PVC glue. Now you have your own unique shoe rack.

9. make old shirts into new cardigans

don't rush to throw plain shirts in your closet. It turns out that with a little creativity you can turn it into a trendy cardigan.


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