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  • MOD Menu
  • Always Perfect Hit : You can always get Perfect Hit (10 Point)
  • No Wind : Wind will removed
  • Fast Aim Speed : Aiming/Arrow Moving (Instant)
  • Zoom Multiplier : Increases Bow Zoom
  • Custom Bingo Input : You can Choose Custom Number and hit anywhere on the board

Additional Information:

  • Game Name: Archery King
  • Game Version: v1.0.35.1
  • Needs OBB: No
  • Needs Root: No


Gamevos Game Review

Has anyone tried Miniclip's game entitled Bowling King? In the game, the player takes on the role of an amateur bowling player who dreams of becoming the number one bowling player in the world by challenging other bowling players online. After becoming the king of bowling, now Miniclip presents another similar game which they named Archery King. In accordance with the title Archery King, which means King of Archery, in this game the player acts as an archery athlete who also aspires to be the king of archery in the world.

Archery King provides a first-person view of the game, where players can see their bow and arrows on the screen. By holding the touch on the touch screen, the player will draw arrows and aim. The player simply points his finger like an analogue control to direct the shot on the screen so that it is roughly in line with the desired target.

Once roughly enough, the player only needs to release the touch from the screen to shoot the arrow. But remember, also pay attention to the direction and strength of the ongoing wind, because this must also be taken into account so that the arrows that are shot do not go off course.

Just like the Bowling King which has a venue, Archery King also has archery locations such as the Premium Archery Club, Snowy Field, Wild Forest, Special Gallery, and so on, each with its own registration fee which is getting bigger and bigger. Two players who meet in one match will stake the registration fee as prize money. Whoever wins the match will get all the prizes, and the loser will go home empty-handed. Winner takes all!

Of course this means that if the player loses continuously, the money they have will run out and they cannot continue the match anymore. But don't worry, because there are such things as free coins every hour, daily Spin & Win, and various other methods of getting money. There are various game modes available, such as Classic, Rush, Bingo, Challenge, and VS Mode against friends.

For many players, maybe the control of this game is really difficult to do. This is because in directing the targeting, it is deliberately made imprecise. The archer's hand tends to move and is difficult to stop, so in the low-level standings, many players still fail to shoot accurately. But make no mistake, if players have started moving into high-level games, the competition turns out to be very fierce, you know!

Archery King has a charming 3D view with a detailed playing field. Players can also make customizations, starting from the bow itself, the arrows, the targeting of the arrows, and various tools in hand. All of that can be purchased using money, or you can also buy the premium version by spending a premium currency called Cash.

Archery King is a free-to-play online game, which means that even though the game is free, players must have an Internet connection to be able to play it. This is due to the nature of the game which is Player vs Player, so that online is absolute. However, if the player does not have an Internet connection for some reason or another, Miniclip has provided a single player mode called Challenge and Time Race. Both of these modes can be played offline.

But the most annoying thing about Archery King is the existence of very annoying advertisements. And since most of these games are mandatory to play online, there is no effective way to get rid of these ads. As usual, there are microtransactions where players can buy money, they can also buy premium cash currency.

Broadly speaking, this game uses the same system as Bowling King, only all types of games are replaced by archery. If you enjoy Bowling King, and want to try something new from Miniclip, this Archery King is worth a try.


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