Can Orochimaru Beat Kashin Koji in Boruto?


In the latest episode of the Boruto anime, we finally see Orochimaru back in action.

Interestingly he took action against the Kara members, which further raised concerns about Orochimaru and Kara's theory of relationship.

Not only that, the relationship between Orochimaru and Kashin Koji is interesting to discuss again.

1. Already know Kara, will Orochimaru know Kashin Koji?

In the manga it's still gray whether Orochimaru knows Kara or not.

But what is certain is that on the other hand, Kara knows Orochimaru.

Interestingly, if Orochimaru knew Kara and deepened it, there could be a meeting between Orochimaru and Kashin Koji.

What's exciting is that Orochimaru never apologized to Jiraiya directly, even though Koji obviously wouldn't be the same as Jiraiya, but there must have been an emotional moment.

2. If you do, will Orochimaru know Koji?

When he saw Kashin Koji fighting, Naruto felt familiar with the person, clearly referring to Jiraiya.

Despite being a very good clone, but the chakra form of Koji tasted the same as Jiraiya's.

Orochimaru who can sense chakra should be able to recognize Koji easily.

3. If you fight, can Orochimaru beat Koji?

If Orochimaru fought Jiraiya it feels quite balanced huh. The three Sannin seemed to be on the same level.

But what about Orochimaru and Kashin Koji? Orochimaru in Boruto was stronger than his last meeting with Jiraiya.

The reason is because Orochimaru has used the body of White Zetsu with Hashirama's cells. Orochimaru's strength was so great that he was able to destroy Victor's assistant before the woman could move.

On the other hand, Koji can also be said to be Jiraiya who was refined, especially his Sage Mode. Therefore, maybe the answer remains in balance yes.

Kashin Koji has moves that can endanger Orochimaru. Including the Zanmai no Shinka which is an eternal flame like Amaterasu, as well as the Chou Odama Rasengan style.

What Orochimaru should be aware of as well, even though he is Jiraiya's clone, Kashin's nature is colder. Kashin also doesn't seem to really have Jiraiya's memory. So Kashin has no reason to hold back on Orochimaru, because technically Orochimaru never became his garden.

So when Orochimaru and Kashin Koji fight, the situation is unique. It's like Jiraiya and Orochimaru in the past being strengthened.

If they were to fight, their duel would be chaotic, long, and devastating to the surroundings. But for now, I feel that Orochimaru with his long experience will excel.

Do you think the two of them will meet or not? Convey in the comments column!


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