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In the far future, the only living things with intelligence are the robots. They are the last remains of the human soul. But make no mistake, mankind is not dead. There is technology that is able to transfer the memories of these humans into these robots. Unfortunately, with a very limited amount of memory, new memory will over time erase old memory. To prevent the loss of human memories, the robots convert emotions into music, and store them in a place called Cytus. When they want to feel the emotions and dreams of the humans who are in them, they also use these songs. That's Cytus.

Welcome to the World of Cytus Music

Cytus is a challenging rhythm action game from Rayark Games. Basically, the story behind this game sounds cool, but in the end it only becomes a background. But that doesn't mean the game isn't fun, huh, the songs presented in it are very unique and fun to play.

How to Play Rhytm Action

In Cytus, players must touch a musical note perfectly, indicated by passing a scanline alias line above the note. There are three kinds of musical notes that must be considered by the player, the first is the musical note that must be tapped, the second is the musical note which has a thick straight line as a sign that this note should be touched and held, while the third is the musical note which is marked with an arrow. where the player has to touch and do a swiping in the direction of the pointing arrow.

Hundreds of Songs with Different Levels of Difficulty

Cytus provides hundreds of songs with various variations, including pop, jazz, trance, hardcore, drum 'n bass, and many more. Each song can be played with various levels of difficulty which are suitable for various groups, both fans of hardcore rhythm games and casual fans.

Preferably, Played on the Table

For the record, Cytus is not suitable to be played by hand. Many music notes need perfect coordination which cannot be done by holding a smart phone like a gamepad, because in addition to the many musical notes that appear in the middle of the screen, if the difficulty level is high, the player will have difficulty touching all musical notes when the cellphone is held. In other words, it seems like it's a bit difficult to play Cytus while on a commuting-type trip on a train.

Beautiful Artwork Adorns Cytus

Besides the interesting songs, Cytus also performed using beautifully hand-drawn artwork. These artworks illustrate the story of robots who want to experience human memory by using music, such as the background of the game.

Must Wait 30 Seconds

Cytus does come free-to-play, and this game has the ability to be played offline, has no stamina system, and no microtransaction feature at all. But unfortunately, to start a level, players have to wait 30 seconds first. Not advertising is nothing, there is only a countdown from 30 to 0, then players can play the rhythm game. It's like being downloaded from a free site right? Well, if you don't want to wait 30 seconds, the game nicely provides the so-called "complete version" which removes all the ads and waiting times.

Actually, the rhythm action system presented by Cytus is quite unique and arguably fun to play. If you don't mind the 30 second waiting time, I think Cytus can be a loyal rhythm game collection on your smartphone.


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