Did you know One Piece 996 will be officially released sooner?


The official release schedule for the new chapter of One Piece on Manga Plus is usually Sunday night, around 23.00 WIB.

But for this week, One Piece 996 will be officially released earlier, you know.

1. Will be present Friday night, 23.00 WIB

The official release time for One Piece on Manga Plus is usually Sunday, around 23.00 WIB.

But as you can check on the Manga Plus application, the release schedule for One Piece 996 this week is November 20, 23.00 WIB.

One Piece and other Shonen Jump manga are usually released sooner than Weekly Shonen Jump magazine published in Japan. In general, Shonen Jump was published on Monday, so readers outside of Japan can read digitally since Sunday.

This week Shonen Jump releases Saturday, so we can read it from Friday night.

2. The V-Jump and Shonen Jump manga will be out on November 20th

It's not just One Piece manga that will be released early this week.

Other Shonen Jump manga such as Black Clover and Chainsaw Man will also be released on the same day and time as One Piece.

Missing manga this week is My Hero Academia, which is off and will only be officially released on November 29.

Then you can read the manga released on V-Jump on November 20th too, even one hour ahead. What I mean of course is Boruto and Dragon Ball Super, which will be out on November 20 at 22.00 WIB.

3. The situation in chapter 995 is curious

One Piece 995 shows many interesting events. Big Mom begins to move back to the party area, Marco may be involved in healing the victims of the plague, Chopper contracted the virus.

If you are curious about the sequel, One Piece 996, this official release sooner, will certainly help.

What do you think about One Piece 996 being officially released earlier? Convey in the comments column!

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