Download MOD Instander APK (Update), Specialist Stalking Apps for Instagram!


Instander APK is one of the most sought-after modifications to Instagram. The features offered are the reason this application is targeted by many netizens.

Currently, the Instagram application has just made the latest update which is not appreciated by users because it is considered complicated. Have you felt it?

Fortunately, now you can use Instander, which is a MOD Instagram application with many interesting features made by The Dise developer.

Well, for those of you who are curious and can't wait to enjoy the unique features on Instagram, just download the latest Instander APK below!

Instander APK 2020: Download Links & Feature Description

The official version of the Instagram application is actually equipped with interesting features, from creating InstaStory to editing cool Instagram bio.

But with Instander, you can get more free and very interesting Instagram features that you won't find on the official app.

For example, you can view other people's Instagram profile photos, hide conversation status, view IG Story without getting caught, and much more.

So you can't wait to try the 'secret' features on Instagram, right? Come on, just download the Instander MOD APK 2020 below!

Download Instander APK

For those of you who like to stalk your boyfriend, ex, crush, even cheating via the Instagram application, you must use this Instander APK!

The thing is, this Instagram MOD APK offers several features that allow your activity not to be detected by other people, including when viewing IG Story!

Come on, just prove yourself the excitement of the secret Instagram feature by downloading the Instander APK at the link below.

Instander Features

Detail Instander
Minimal OS Android 5 and above
Size 42MB
Latest version v9.1
Developer The Dise
Need Root? No

Download Instander APK

APK Instander Features

As in the discussion above, the Instander application offers a variety of features that will amaze you, especially if you like stalking.

Then, what are the features of Instander that make this application popular with Instagram users? To make it clearer, see the reviews below!

1. No Ads

Have you ever seen advertisements on the Instagram feed or story? Must be really annoyed, right? In fact, you may not be at all interested in the advertised product.

Currently, business accounts can promote on Instagram with Instagram Ads. No wonder you often see advertisements while scrolling IG.

But with the latest version of Instander, you won't be bothered by ads because this app offers ad-free features. Interesting!

2. Download Photos & Videos

If you open Instagram often, you must often find interesting photos or videos, right? Unfortunately, these photos and videos can only be saved, not downloaded.

In fact, you can download Instagram videos with an application or without an application via a site that supports this feature. But, this method is certainly a bit complicated.

Now, with the Instander application you can directly download photos and videos on Instagram via the dot button to display the download button.

Not only that, you can also download other people's IG stories as well as save IGTV videos very easily.

3. Ghost Mode

As Gamevos said before, Instander is suitable for those of you who like to stalk someone and don't want your identity to be discovered.

By using official Instagram, other people can track your Instagram account and find out your personal identity.

But with Instander, you can stalk safely thanks to the Ghost Mode feature. This feature makes you like a 'ghost' so that your identity is not known.

For example, you can hide typing status in Direct Message. You can also turn off read message alerts on the DMs you receive.

The cool thing is, you can even see IG Story without the owner knowing it. Guaranteed to be able to get other people to the roots.

4. Verified Account

Do you often see Instagram accounts with a blue tick next to their name? Yes, that's a sign of a verified account or an account that has been verified by Instagram.

Usually, this blue check mark appears on Instagram accounts belonging to celebrities, celebrities and top actors. Then, can you also get a blue tick?

Of course! With Instander, you can get blue ticks on Instagram. The way to use Instander to get blue ticks is to donate.

Unfortunately, this blue check symbol cannot be seen by all Instagram users and can only be seen by fellow Instander users.

The final word

Well, that was the download link for Instander APK complete with various explanations about this application and the features that you can enjoy for free.

Broadly speaking, Instander is not much different from other Instagram MOD APKs. Even so, the features in this application made by The Dise will make you feel at home scrolling through IG!


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