Final Fantasy Brave Exvius, e-Sport 2D Game, Why Not?


The Final Fantasy series was originally created as a farewell gift for Square to the game industry. Who would have thought that later this game franchise would be one of the most important. Apart from being present on consoles, they are also expanding to the mobile platform. One of the releases that is no less exciting is FINAL FANTASY BRAVE EXVIUS, which Square Enix worked on with Gumi.

Since its release in 2015 for Android and iOS, FINAL FANTASY BRAVE EXVIUS has become a lasting release for fans. Even though it's released for free, is this game able to offer memorable games for players? So what is the formula that makes this game so captivating to fans of Final Fantasy or other RPG games? Just take a look at the following Gamevos reviews!

Relevant Turn-based Gameplay

For some people, turn-based games, aka turn-based, may seem outdated. Players are required to have a high character to be able to initiate the best attack in order to defeat every obstacle in it. This is where FINAL FANTASY BRAVE EXVIUS tries to maintain the classic gameplay but with a variety of important approaches that make the game very worth playing.

Simply put, players only need to control a party of six. Later, each character will have its own unique abilities and status. To face various types of levels and battles, we can also make a variety of the best party compositions so we can defeat the enemy.

What makes FINAL FANTASY BRAVE EXVIUS so exciting to try is the excellent character development process. Players take a long time to develop a character. However, this doesn't make the game feel dragging. We can finish a very long story with a captivating story, so that later on, playing time will feel more intimate.

A Lasting Original Story

It has become a tradition for the Final Fantasy franchise to develop a new world in every game. This time we will visit Dunia Lapis at FINAL FANTASY BRAVE EXVIUS. The story revolves around the three protagonists, namely Rain, Laswell, and Fina who try to uncover the deepest secrets of the war between the kingdoms in it.

Rain as the main protagonist in the story lost his father, which at one point would be an interesting chapter. Laswell and Fina are best friends who stand with Rain until the battle is very tough.

This game has succeeded in bringing many distinctive formulas from the Final Fantasy game, from friendship, love, to very heavy struggles. It feels like, more than just a mobile release, the story in this game has been carefully composed. Until 2020, the developer continues to include new story fragments so that the Story section is a feature that fans always look forward to.

A fight that never makes you bored

The Lapis world is filled with many dangerous Dungeons. Every new update, the developer always adds new content. In each collaboration, there will be a special Dungeon where enemy movements will be different from before. Updates at every opportunity make FINAL FANTASY BRAVE EXVIUS always memorable in every patch.

There are usually three levels in each dungeon. Players who do not have the ability to challenge the Dungeons with the highest difficulty can still collect rewards from the smaller levels. Any resources collected can be valuable for the future.

On the other hand, the Arena FINAL FANTASY BRAVE EXVIUS system does seem monotonous. Fortunately, players can practice the best combinations to challenge other players. Usually, the composition of the team that can shine in the Arena or Dungeon will be different. The reason is, players must defeat monsters in the Dungeon while the composition of the enemy team in the Arena must consider other approaches.

In every battle provided by FINAL FANTASY BRAVE EXVIUS, the composition of the team determines victory. The Chain system allows characters to initiate a combination of attacks to achieve the highest damage. Therefore, there are many character synergies that can be added to master the game in the game.

Endgame Content That Satisfies Players

There is no level limit on the player's account. Meanwhile, each character will also have a rarity alias star of each type. There are many types of characters that can be developed in FINAL FANTASY BRAVE EXVIUS. For example, some Units in 3 stars can evolve up to 7 stars while other Units can only be developed up to 5 stars.

Generally, the Unit with the highest evolutionary ability would be a very valuable addition. They are Units that can make players challenge the Dungeon at the end of the game. Even so, Units with small Tier can also appear useful for adding Tier income or looking for Trust Mastery.

Later, when it touches the highest level of each character, there will be Trust Mastery Rewards that can be collected. The Trust Mastery system makes each character very valuable to raise. Later, there are weapons and skills that are very useful to use on other characters. Therefore, every character is very valuable in this game.

There is no guarantee that players can be satisfied when they have a strong team. The list of characters that are always added makes the composition of the game always diverse. In Arena, for example, the scrolling meta may change at any time due to the weekly special character enhancement effect. Meanwhile, the Dungeon that is presented always evolves with a different resistance system and mechanics.

Neo Vision and a Myriad of New Improvisations

In August 2020, FINAL FANTASY BRAVE EXVIUS released their collaboration with Final Fantasy 7 Remake. Bringing a line of iconic characters such as Cloud, Tifa, and Berett, this collaborative project also introduces a new character system that changes the meta of the game. Yep, the official Neo Vision characters bring a brand-new approach and change the meta in the game.

Neo Vision characters are equipped with two fighting style models. The different Limit Burst abilities and weaponry make the Neo Vision characters very valuable. Like having two characters in one figure, Neo Vision brings quite important updates.

With this kind of versatility, we can combine new character builds that will test the player's intuition. In the future, this content will make the character build very distinctive. It seems they also have to think carefully about updates like this that will make the choice of characters feel very unique in the game.

As a tribute to its old series, FINAL FANTASY BRAVE EXVIUS features hundreds of iconic characters throughout the Final Fantasy franchise. Not only that, they managed to add many unique features and made this release one of the must-try RPG games. Players will spend a lot of time collecting hundreds of characters in it.

Even different experiences make us always wonder what other surprises the developer will present in the future. Apart from adding the Neo Vision character, the update in August 2020 brings an Indonesian language option. In this way, players in the country can feel the atmosphere of the game that is more fun and doesn't make you bored.

So, are you also one of the FINAL FANTASY BRAVE EXVIUS players. What do you think about this game? As a reminder, you can download this game on the Play Store and App Store.


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