FRAG Pro Shooter, Uniquely Team Arena Shooter which is played as a single player


You certainly can't deny that the current game trend is dominated by MOBAs and shooters, including on mobile platforms. As popular as it is, you might not find it strange if there is a game that combines the two genres.

Remember ShellFire? Yep, this game is one example that combines the MOBA genre with FPS. Not long ago, developer Oh BiBi presented a new game with a similar nuance to ShellFire. Eits, similar does not mean the same. If Shellfire is played as a team, FRAG Pro Shooter is played solo.

So, what is the quality of FRAG Pro Shooter? Come on, see the following reviews!

Solo shooter with a MOBA shooter feel

If you've played ShellFire, FRAG Pro Shooter might remind you of the game. To be sure, not everything in FRAG Pro Shooter is the same as ShellFire. If ShellFire carries the FPS concept, FRAG Pro Shooter prefers the TPS concept. Apart from the difference in point of view, FRAG Pro Shooter is not a game played in teams with other players, like ShellFire.

In this game, two teams of five characters will fight each other to finish off their opponent's points. The way to reduce your opponent's points is to kill enemy characters or destroy two point boards at the enemy base. Uniquely in this game, the five characters in one team are not controlled by different players. However, only you alone control the five characters in a team.

Calm down, guys. That doesn't mean you have to control five characters at the same time, you know. Before starting the match, you first decide which characters will fight. After that, you will do battle as one of the characters. If the character you control dies, you can move to another living character. Well, the characters who die will of course be respawned.

If you haven't played this game, you might think that FRAG Pro Shooter is a game that must be played as a team with other players. However, who would have thought that the game concept that seemed to only be played as a team could also be present in solo mode.

The auto aim system makes it less challenging

FRAG Pro Shooter presents a fairly simple combat system when compared to other shooter games. In this game, you don't have to bother pressing the shoot or attack button repeatedly like other shooter games. You only need to aim the point of aim at the enemy or the enemy's point board. You see, this game applies an auto aim system when shooting enemies.

Even though it has been set with an auto aim system, it doesn't mean that you are just aiming at the enemy when playing this game. You will also find one skill button and one reload button on the right side of the screen. The skills of each character also vary, you know. So, you can do a variety of attacks on enemies.

BiBi might aim to make it easier for players by making the combat system auto aim. However, this system seems to make players less flexible when shooting. There must be times when you want to shoot but it can't be done because of the auto aim system.

Bonus items that are very difficult to get

Every time you win a match, you will get a chest that can be opened at a certain time. In the chest, you can get gold coins and character cards. Character cards are useful for getting new characters or leveling up these characters. Unfortunately, this game isn't generous enough in handing out bonuses to players.

You can feel the complexity of this game if you want to level up your character. To level up, players need a certain number of cards and coins. When the card is there, uh, your gold coins are not enough. You see, the gold coin bonus that you get is always a little. If you want it fast, you want it or not you have to buy Diamond using real money.

I think this game is not right for players who stick to the principle of free-to-play. It's not that free-to-play players can't have fun in this game. It's just that you will have a hard time developing your character if you don't do microtransactions in this game.

Through FRAG Pro Shooter, Oh BiBi proves that the game concept, which seems to only be able to be played as a team with other players, can also be present in solo mode. Even though it feels less flexible, the auto aim system in this game can make it easier for players to fight. Well, it is perfect for those of you who don't like to move your thumb repeatedly while playing games. Unfortunately, the microtransaction system in this game makes it difficult for players to develop the characters they have.

have you played this game, leave your opinion in the comments below!


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