Harry Potter Hogwarts Mystery: A New Story for Potterheads


 The Harry Potter series, both the film and the novel, ended several years ago. The last time Harry Potter and his friends were together on the big screen during his last film, namely Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 2. The film itself was released seven years ago, in July 2011 to be precise.

Even though J. K. Rowling presents Fantastic Beasts as a prequel to the Harry Potter story, there are still Potterheads (Harry Potter fans) who want to know more about other stories that have occurred in the world of Harry Potter. Given the rich world of Harry Potter, of course, there are still many mysteries that have not been revealed in this franchise.

To satisfy Potterheads around the world, Jam City with Portkey Games tells a new story from the Harry Potter world in the form of a mobile game. This game is titled Harry Potter Hogwarts Mystery which was released on April 25 for Android and iOS.

So, can this game raise the spirit of the Potterheads with a new story in the world of Harry Potter? Come on, see reviews about this role playing game.

1. A New Story in the World of Harry Potter

If you are curious about what happened at Hogwarts before Harry Potter entered this magic academy, Harry Potter Hogwarts Mystery is the answer. This game presents a story set four years after the birth of Harry Potter, in 1984, to be precise. This means that the story in this game occurs after Voldemort killed Harry Potter's parents. A little leak, at the beginning of the game, Dumbledore had the chance to bring up the incident.

In Harry Potter Hogwarts Mystery, you will play as a new student at Hogwarts. Not being Harry Potter or any other character you already know. At the beginning of the game, you will meet Rowan who will later become your best friend. If you are a girl, then the Rowan you meet is a girl, and vice versa.

After that, it will be revealed that your character has an older brother who was kicked out of Hogwarts for causing trouble. Not much different from Harry Potter, your character already has a reputation at Hogwarts.

In essence, the story in this game can revive your fangirl or fanboy spirit when playing it. Some of the characters you have known in the Harry Potter series will appear again in this game. Do not rule out if the story in this game will later uncover mysteries that have not been revealed in the Harry Potter series.

2. Want to get over it quickly? Yes, Must Pay!

You can actually download this game for free. However, when playing it, there are a number of things that you have to pay for when you want to play this game quickly. Yep, Harry Potter Hogwarts Mystery did not escape the microtransaction 'attack'.

As explained in the previous point, you can run out of Energy while doing tasks. Well, if you don't want to wait until it's fully charged, you can buy this Energy using Gems. There are two ways to get the Gem itself. First, reward because you have successfully completed a task or chapter. Second, you can buy Gems with real money. Apart from Gems, you can also buy Coins using real money.

Playing this game requires patience. But for those who are impatient, you can use money to speed up the story. You see, there are several quests that require you to wait a few hours to unlock them. If you are impatient, the quest can be unlocked using Gems.

It cannot be denied that mobile games are indeed difficult to avoid from microtransactions. It's just that, this system slightly interferes with the Harry Potter Hogwarts Mystery experience. What's more, this game is story-oriented.

3. How to play? Just Tap and Watch!

If you think this game has gameplay like The Sims where you can freely determine the character's movements, freely communicate with other characters, or freely explore Hogwarts, get ready to be disappointed. You see, Harry Potter Hogwarts Mystery has a very simple gameplay. The gameplay mechanism is similar to narrative genre games such as What Remains of Edith Finch or Life is Strange. You just have to choose the storyline, then enjoy the story.

Harry Potter Hogwarts Mystery focuses on a story that is presented linearly and divided into various chapters. In each chapter, you will be given a quest to complete the chapter. Quest consists of Story and Lesson that you must complete. The story itself is the main story of Harry Potter Hogwarts Mystery, while Lesson is a variety of knowledge that you must learn while at Hogwarts.

To complete the Story and Lesson, you will be given various choices that determine your character development in the future. The choices given also vary. There are options that you can choose if you are at certain Attribute Levels (Courage, Empathy, and Knowledge), there are also options that you can choose without using Attribute Level.

Apart from the option to use the Attribute Level, there are also various missions that must be done using Energy. There are 25 Energy that you can use when fully charged. To fill one Energy, you have to wait every four minutes. So when the Energy runs out, you have to wait for the Energy to be fully charged. If you don't like waiting, you can buy it using a Gem.

Well, this Energy system is a weakness of this game. You can't freely make choices if your Attribute Level hasn't been met. What's worse, when your Energy runs out, you have to wait until your Energy is fully charged. Especially when you are halfway on a mission. What used to be that you were already excited about playing this game, so it's gone, because you have to wait for Energy to be fully charged.

4. Customize Your Wizard Display

The fun thing in this game is that you can determine your own character appearance. You can be a girl or a boy, you can determine the appearance of your face, and your clothes. You can also determine the name of your character in this game.

Unfortunately, there weren't many cosmetic items available when you started playing this game. But along with increasing levels, you can unlock various other cosmetic items. It's just that, when you unlock cosmetic items, you don't have these items automatically. You have to buy the cosmetic items you want with coins or gems.


Harry Potter Hogwarts Mystery can be a medicine for those of you who miss the world of Harry Potter. The characters displayed, the atmosphere, and the story really invite you to re-dive into the hustle and bustle of Hogwarts. But again, patience is needed in this game. Unless you are willing to spend money.

If you claim to be a true Potterhead, there's nothing wrong with playing this game. You can download Harry Potter Hogwarts Mystery on the Play Store and App Store. Guaranteed your longing for the story of the Harry Potter world will be relieved.


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