Hide Online: The hilarious Hunter war against furniture


Online shootout 5 vs 5 is certainly familiar to gamers. Usually this battle is balanced, because each side has the ability to fight reliably, of course, apart from the skills of each individual and the weapons purchased with real money. But what happens if this 5 vs 5 battle is changed to playing hide and seek in a shooter manner? Here comes Hide Online, a hilarious multiplayer game from HitRock Games.

Different 5 vs 5 Concepts

In Hide Online, 10 players will be divided into 2 teams. One is called the Hunter team, and the other is the Prop team, also known as furniture. The task of the Hunter team is to kill all members of the Prop team, while the Prop team's job is to hide as long as possible from the Hunters' target by disguising themselves as various kinds of furniture. A unique and funny concept, right?

Method of Control

For those who are used to playing third-person shooter games, they must be familiar with the control methods used by Hide Online. The player controls the character using a virtual analog to move, a button to jump and a touch screen to adjust the viewing angle. But this method is actually divided into two, one for the Hunter team and one for the Prop team.

As the Hunter Team

The Hunter team has elements of standard third-person shooter gameplay. There is a firing button to fire on the Prop team, as well as a grenade button to throw grenades at fast-running enemies. Players don't even have to bother with aiming and shooting, because there are options for auto aiming and auto shooting. But be careful, because if players shoot at furniture that is not the Prop team, then their own HP will be reduced! To recognize which furniture is original, which is the Prop team, players can listen to the sounds and icons that are on the furniture.

As the Prop Team

If the player takes the role of the Prop Team, the game elements will be even more hilarious. Players can choose to change into other furniture by touching the furniture button while looking at the existing furniture to be copied, and use magic to temporarily turn the hunters into animals, while running away to another place to return to disguise. In this incognito, players will notice there is a breath hold meter. As long as these breath-resistant meters are in place, they will be able to perfectly disguise themselves as furniture. But once they hold their breath out, they will emit a sound and the controlled furniture will have a smiley icon indicator, so that hunters can hunt and auto-aim / shoot them.

Funny and Entertaining

Hide Online comes using 3D graphics which, although not very detailed, are very funny to look at. Imagine, there are chairs, boxes, or even arcade machines hanging around a location while being chased by hunters carrying machine guns. It's an absurd sight actually, but very entertaining. Moreover, players can also customize hunters by changing skins for their characters, weapons, and poses, so that the game becomes more 'personal'.

Of course, Online Mandatory

By calling itself "Hide Online", of course this free game definitely needs an Internet connection. Moreover, the game is also a 5 vs 5 PvP, it is certain that players will face other players from all over the world. There is no stamina system here, but players are given a microtransaction feature to buy coins and various packages to customize their characters to make them more attractive.

The concept is hilarious, but actually the game is somewhat unbalanced between being a hunter and being a furniture. The game becomes more difficult when it becomes a piece of furniture because it is indeed difficult to avoid the five hunters who are hunting you, while the risks faced by hunters are only shooting mistakes that can be mitigated by turning on auto aim and auto shoot. But beyond that, Hide Online is one of the 5 vs 5 online games that gamers of all ages must try!


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