Is World of Dragon Nest so bad?


If you are a fan of the MMORPG Dragon Nest game, of course you have heard about the mobile version, World of Dragon Nest. The desktop version of the Dragon Nest game has indeed been booming and has many fans. Unfortunately, Dragon Nest's prestige is not as good as it used to be. Some time ago, the servers in Indonesia even closed.

If so, of course the presence of this mobile game should make fans happy, right? Unfortunately, the opposite happened. Many Dragon Nest fans have tried this mobile game and ended up disappointed. This disappointment is seen in this game page on Google Play. At the time of writing this article, the rating is at 2.3. For games, this value is below rating 3 which is the middle one. If you have touched rating 2, it means that this game is really bad. But, why is that?

The reason for the many low ratings

The main reason many people dislike this game is that the models are not the same. Dragon Nest is an MMORPG with an instant dungeon model. For World of Dragon Nest itself, the game is a mobile MMORPG with an open world concept. This difference is very far and can be said as a different game.

Even though there are the same class, most of the stories and characters in Dragon Nest open world feel incomplete. This makes the story in the game unclear. Even though it uses the Dragon Nest world and lore, the things that appear in the game feel strange. This is the main reason many fans are disappointed and give bad ratings.

Another thing that annoys Dragon Nest fans about this game is the gameplay. Many people claim they want to try challenging games like the one in the original Dragon Nest. Unfortunately, in this mobile version, Dragon Nest turns into an idle game. Games that can play automatically without much interference from players will certainly not be able to bring back the benefits of the original Dragon Nest.

Dragon Nest is a game that requires skill; not everyone can play combos optimally in it. This made the fans feel uncomfortable because an important part of what made the game was missing. As a result, disappointments emerged in the form of low ratings.

Is it as bad as it says?

People who judge the ratings of this game without seeing the context will surely wonder. Is it true that the game is that bad? If you briefly read the reviews from users, you can more or less tell if this game is really bad.

From several reviews, there are those who say the game is less interactive. They generally complain about the auto feature that causes players to feel like watching and not playing games. The auto system in this game is intended to make it easier for players, but the application is too much. If everyone can auto and always win, why do players input?

On the other hand, the game itself still lacks optimization and content. MMORPG games, especially open world games, of course have to have gameplay that is free of lag or long loading. Bugs and glitches also often occur in several places, such as in large maps or when there are complex animations with lots of monsters. If this happens frequently even on smartphones with high specs, of course there is something wrong with this game.


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