Life without a father feels like heartbreak every day


Happiness is not only about money. The happiness of having a father is something not all children get. Some have a father figure and live together, some have but in different worlds or in the same world but in different families. That is life, children cannot choose what kind of family they are born with. Be grateful for those of you who still have time with you. Having both parents is like a whole heart doesn't break when one of the two can't be together, maybe this is what you also feel.

1. There is no firm hug from his steadfast body

A mother's warm hug is quite soothing, but a warm tight hug from a father gives a different touch of strength, fatherless life is like losing the biggest protector of the hardships of life for a child. The tenderness obtained from the mother figure is not as strong as the life collision of the energy and strength of a father. My father longs for the warm hugs and pats of the shoulder that convey confidence that I can handle it all.

2. Losing a role model as a leader

Many children idolize the figure of their father as their life. I also want to be like that, idolizing you as the hero of my life. but there is not much good I can take from you because our time together is only a moment. Sometimes I find it difficult to describe the figure of a family leader, how a father who builds and maintains a whole household and creates a smile on our faces.

3. Words in living the rigors of life

When I don't know what to do from every problem in life, I miss your story in dealing with various difficult problems when you were young, it feels like it is not comparable to the problems I face today. You always say "Don't be afraid of problems, it makes you better" now there are no more loud honesty quotes poking at me who is too weak on problems.

4. No more days with you

Just sipping coffee and discussing the latest topics or spending the weekend exercising together are no longer our activities. No more fear of anger from the mistakes I made, no more silly jokes that come out at dinner or confusion about dad when using gadgets or trying contemporary foods. There is no longer a challenge to ask for extra money and no longer have the day together with father.

5. A mother who has multiple roles

Mothers who have heavy loads, such as walking on one leg. Making a living for our next life and taking the time to take good care of us. without a father figure, mom lost her wings and struggled to keep flying and we lost half our hearts of happiness.

Be grateful for those of you who still have both parents who are intact. Don't waste them, because you have never experienced living with single parents. Losing a father is the biggest heartbreak in life.


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