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Videos and photos are almost difficult to separate, because they are authentic evidence of every happy moment someone can collaborate on, split into different photo and video albums.

Photos and videos are also often people's choice to decorate their social media accounts, and even videos get a special area through video sharing services such as YouTube, Vimeo and Dailymotion.

On the user side, there are many ways that can be used to produce videos. The most common way is to use a smartphone. Some are more serious about camera devices and camcorders, some are choosing action cameras. Then after the video is obtained, the next step is to modify the video so that it becomes content that is suitable for consumption by many people.

In this phase, we need a video editor application that is also available in many options. Some of them, Camtasia, Windows Movie Maker, and KineMaster for those who are limited by the device, for example, only using a smartphone.

So, on this occasion I will review more deeply the KineMaster application, how it works, the interface and so on.

What is KineMaster

KineMaster is a mobile application specifically designed to help Android and iOS users to modify videos from ordinary videos to more interesting videos. KineMaster itself was launched by a sizeable company called NexStreaming, headquartered in Seoul, Korea and has several branches around the world, such as in the United States, Spain, China and Taiwan.

NexStreaming Corp. is involved in developing multimedia software for mobile devices in South Korea and internationally. The company offers NexPlayer SDK for mobile apps, NexPlayer360 SDK for 360 video apps, NexPlayer for HLS streaming with widevine content protection, NexPlayerSTB SDK for Android TV and set-top boxes; NexPlayer for Tizen.

NexStreaming also provides NexPlayer HTML5 for playing and streaming videos across desktop and mobile browsers including KineMaster, the professional mobile video editing app we're reviewing. NexStreaming Corp was founded in 2002 and KineMaster was born in 2013 with millions of users on the Android and iOS platforms.


The KineMaster developers seem to have a different perspective in terms of interfaces. So, instead of spending energy on designing interfaces that aren't the main elements, developers prefer to focus on powerful tools and features.

So don't be surprised if the first time you run the KineMaster application, you only find a simple display of four buttons with a background in the form of a large image that looks dominating.

The round red button is the main entrance to discovering the true “inner beauty” of KineMaster. This button will take you to the creation of a new project which will display all the video editing tools you need.

The other three buttons consist of settings, help and shop buttons. The last menu contains various complementary elements, such as audio, which you can download later as a complement to the projects you create.

One more thing, when KineMaster runs for the first time, you will immediately be put into landscape mode, including when you open the settings panel. Now, this is where I found the impression less comfortable, because the text that appears in the settings seems less neat and professional. I think this panel can be improved, for example by applying a more attractive design, background color and maybe a little touch of animation from one menu to another. Even so, I have no problem with the completeness.

KineMaster Features

Now, let's see what features KineMaster has.

Project Assistant

When you first create a project, KineMaster will offer two types of projects, the first is Project Assistant and the second is Empty Project. Both are both together to create new video editing projects, the difference is that Project Assistant offers assistance with a series of systematic video creation processes making it much easier for new users. In Project Assistant, KineMaster will guide you from selecting videos, themes, inserting videos, filters, text and so on until you become a beautiful final video.

Multiple Media Support

Although it doesn't support all types of videos, KineMaster has so far been able to accommodate most of the videos recorded by smartphones. Media input in KineMaster is also fairly easy, although you cannot select a media source, whether from internal or external memory. All media will be displayed in the same window, but separated by folder and three extra folders including Background, Favorite and Cloud Storage. The rest are folders in the device memory.


This feature also helps new KineMaster users, where there are four theme choices, namely Basic, On-Stage, Serene and Travel.


Next, KineMaster also offers the option to add text into the video. Text options include an opening and an ending, where each text can be further adjusted by selecting a color and also the type of text that suits the user's taste.


It's incomplete if a video editing application like KineMaster doesn't have a background sound feature. To differentiate themselves from other applications, KineMaster has a wider range of options, where users can choose the source they feel is most appropriate for them.

For example, there is a Music Assets option from the store, then SFX Assets, recordings, songs from device memory, albums, artists and even genres and an additional menu folder if the user has a reference from their local device.

In addition to offering more complete audio source options, KineMaster also allows users to set how loud the background sound is, how the video first appears and ends, then the viewing duration for photo content types.

Complete Editing Tool

Now, take a look at the winning features. In this section, the true abilities of the KineMaster will be revealed. When the video has been inputted, the audio has also been selected and the text has been typed, all the pieces will be gathered together in the main editing window.

In this window, there's an awful lot going on. The first time I was in this window, it took me about 30 minutes to understand how it works and what each button does.

So, there are several features that I have come across. To make it easier, I will only list the full terms with the terms I understand. The original language may be different.

  • Multiple layer support
  • Voice over
  • Playback
  • Sharing
  • Cut, Copy, Crop
  • Color filters
  • Color adjustment
  • Vignette
  • Trimming
  • Split
  • Rotate
  • Records from cameras and camcorders
  • Drag and Drop
  • Capture frame
  • Duplicate
  • Undo / redo


It's pretty hard to fall in love with KineMaster before you really experience the power of its features. Young people today who tend to judge things at first sight may find it difficult to like KineMaster in the early minutes. It was my first time using KineMaster to feel a strong stiff impression.

However, that impression faded when entering the main editing window. So, if you are allowed to provide input, it would be great if the KineMaster developer did a makeover on the interface side. How do you make the main interface look beautiful and not stiff.

Performance also makes me feel like I am compatible with KineMaster. The file size is fairly light, only 25MB, and the performance as long as I used it on the Redmia 5A smartphone, was fairly smooth.


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