One Piece 996: Momonosuke, Will it Have an Important Role for Wano's Victory? Leaks and Spoiler


Yamato protecting Momonosuke, partly because of his belief in Momonosuke's future role? What does it mean? Let's take a look at the discussion on One Piece 996 in the following article!

1. O-Tama is coming! Have a key role in Onigashima?

At the end of the previous chapter O-Tama suddenly appears and saves Usopp and Nami from the Ulti attack!

Of course, O-Tama's arrival will likely not be fleeting. Seeing his power that can tame wild beasts, including SMILE users, O-Tama will definitely have an important role in Onigashima.

This has actually been discussed in more detail in another article which theorized that O-Tama would be the key to Kaido's defeat.

Especially with the help of Usopp the sniper, it shouldn't be difficult for them to shoot Kibi Dango bullets into the mouths of Kaido's men and make the SMILE users submit to O-Tama!

2. Yamato's Devil Fruit Power?

Shortly afterwards, we were shown the continuation of Yamato and Sasaki's feud, which clearly overwhelmed Yamato who could only survive.

But in the middle of the battle, Yamato's teeth suddenly turned sharp! Is this a Zoan Devil Fruit transformation form?

If you look at the shape of the teeth, it is likely that this animal is a carnivore. Looking at his fangs, does Yamato's power come from the Ancient Zoan Devil Fruit of the Sabretooth Tiger model?

Besides that, if you pay attention, when Yamato attacks Hatcha from a distance there is a line effect that usually appears when there is a Haoshoku Haki collision.

Is this a form of Busoshoku Haki or does Yamato really have Haoshoku Haki too?

3. Momonosuke, the light of One Piece's future?

Yamato had mentioned that Momonosuke should be the one to guide the world to "dawn", or Dawn in the English version.

The next scene, we are immediately shown to Law who is dealing with a Poneglyph. Is this a coincidence?

It could be that Oda deliberately juxtaposed the two scenes considering the term "Dawn" has been used frequently in the One Piece world and so far "Dawn" seems to be related to the void century and the Ancient Kingdom.

So will this Poneglyph reveal other mysteries related to Wano's relationship with Joy Boy and the Ancient Kingdom? For this one, we need to wait for Robin to read the contents of the Poneglyph.

Then does that mean Yamato believes that Momonosuke is a Joy Boy? Or does Yamato believe that Momonosuke has a hand in Joy Boy's revival?

Surely, Momonosuke along with Samurai Wano will have a bigger role in the future of One Piece world!

4. Franky going to fight Sasaki?

Since Yamato left Sasaki to Franky, it's possible that Franky's opponent in Onigashima isn't Numbers but Sasaki!

Before this, it was common for Luffy and his friends to exchange sparring matches. For example at Enies Lobby when Sanji faced Kalifa at the beginning, but finally Kalifa was defeated by Nami.

So this time Franky will likely be paired with Sasaki, but what about Yamato later?

5. Who did Sanji hear at the end of the chapter?

The next scene shows a glimpse of the progress of the battle in Onigashima. Starting from the existence of Kid, Akazaya Nine who became Kaido's target, to Chopper who seemed to have half turned into ice!

Big Mom also seems to be trying to fly upward, ignoring the chaos caused by the virus that is spreading below.

But what is most interesting here is the voice Sanji heard which makes him look surprised. Who do you think the owner of the voice is?

If anyone thinks the voice belongs to Ivankov because it has a similar laugh, which is "nufufufu" in the original, it may need further investigation.

Ivankov's laughter usually uses the Katakana letter pronounced nfufufu (ン フ フ フ), while the laugh that Sanji hears is the sound of nufufu (ぬ ふ ふ) written in Hiragana.

There was a slight difference in the sound as well, so it was likely that the laughter he heard was not Ivankov's voice but could indeed be a woman's voice.

The Manga Plus translation version even seems to get rid of this ambiguity by changing the laugh to "Nweh heh heh."

Who do you think Sanji heard? Is it Black Maria? Or another unexpected character? What do you think? If you have any opinions regarding One Piece 996 this time, try telling them in the comments below!

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