Positives and Worries About Kishimoto Working on the Boruto Manga


The news that was quite surprising came from the manga world of Boruto. Masashi Kishimoto, the author of Naruto who takes over the task of writing Boruto stories replaces Ukyo Kodachi.

This also resulted in differences of opinion among fans. Some have positive expectations, but some have negative concerns. Like what?

1. The positive side: this is a story writer who really knows the world of Naruto, and has proven to be able to present cool and dramatic battles

Who knows better about the world of Naruto? Obviously Masashi Kishimoto, the creator himself.

In this way it is hoped that the storyline will give the same feeling as when we read the Naruto manga first. The fun, the action, and more.

The hope is that it doesn't look too much like Naruto. But if you've come this far then progress is definitely good.

2. The positive side: the gaiden story written by Kishimoto used to be of great quality

What if Kishimoto wrote stories from the Boruto era?

We've seen some gaiden manga that Kishimoto worked on. One is a story about the Shin Uchiha conflict, the other is about the origins of Mitsuki.

Both stories are strong and interesting. In fact, in my opinion, this anime adaptation of the Sarada and Shin Uchiha plot is still one of the best anime lines in Boruto.

So if Kishimoto works on the Boruto story with the quality like that gaiden, we will see a solid and emotional presentation of the plot too.

3. The positive side: if Naruto had to die, if the original author wrote his death, maybe the reader would not be too angry

Since Boruto's chapter 1, there have been indications that in the future Naruto will die, if seen from Kawaki's dialogue.

If for example Ukyo Kodachi wrote about Naruto's death, maybe some readers will be annoyed. The impression is that he is a writer who continues people's stories, then kills the characters he likes.

Now, maybe that irritation can ease. Kishimoto is a figure who used to write stories about Naruto and Sasuke. He could start their story, he should also be able to give them an okay death.

Surely someone will still protest. It was inevitable, considering Sasuke and Naruto were so iconic. But the controversy might not be as bad as if Kodachi continued to present their deaths.

4. Worries : Boruto's illustration shouldn't change even if Kishimoto wrote the script

I'm actually used to Boruto's manga image quality. But I see there are still people who complain about the manga drawing.

What you have to pay attention to, this manga's image shouldn't change even though Kishimoto wrote the script.

So far the news that is known is that Kishimoto is taking over from the story sector, drawing fixedly on Mikio Ikemoto. Even Ukyo Kodachi as the previous author asked fans to continue to support Ikemoto and Kishimoto, emphasizing this.

So if you are one of those who don't like the Boruto manga and hope that the visuals will become Kishimoto's visuals, like the Sarada side story before, this may not come true.

5. Worries : continuing to write a story in the middle is difficult

This is a big concern indeed. This is not a case where Kishimoto will repeat Boruto's story from the start. He will continue the story that other people have written before.

There could be a clash of understanding about what Kodachi wanted to convey and what Kishimoto now wanted to convey.

The mangaka situation was brought in to continue this person's story because it was rare. So curious how Kishimoto will handle it.

6. Worries : Will the science fiction elements in Boruto last or be reduced?

There are so many science fiction elements in the Boruto manga. Starting from weapons like lightsaber and gatling gun, then Otsutsuki is now known as an alien from another realm, who can come back to life with the Otsutsukification process which is described as similar to data extraction.

But if you hope Kishimoto's arrival will solve this problem, I doubt it. Indeed, Kishimoto used to take a more mystical approach. Kaguya rather than an alien feels more like a god from another realm who poses a dangerous threat.

But Kishimoto just finished Samurai 8 which is a futuristic samurai manga. It could be that these science fiction elements are still in line with what Kishimoto wanted.

After all, modern elements have actually been around since Naruto first, even though it's not up to Boruto's level.

Now, that's the positive side and worry about Kishimoto working on the Boruto manga. What do you think? Convey in the comments column!


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