Short Recap Beastars Season 2, Available in Netflix


Beastars became one of the most popular anime that aired on Netflix. Beastars is a Netflix Original anime series from the manga of the same name created by author Paru Itagaki. Reporting from WhatsoneNetflix, the manga first debuted in September 2016, and at the time of writing, a total of 17 volumes have been published.

Since its anime adaptation, the franchise has grown in popularity with a very loyal fan base around the world. In July 2020, the animation company Studio Orange gave a leak about Beastars Season 2, making fans curious.

On his Twitter account, Studio Orange uploaded a staff in the middle of the production process of Beastars Season 2.

 Beastars Season 2 production process," tweet @CG_Orange_eng.

The series is based on the manga, Beast Complex, which is described as "the origin of BEASTARS".

Beast Complex is a series of short stories that focus on the problem of anthropomorphic animals that coexist with other species.

Netflix Japan will air the first episode of Beastars Season 2 on January 5, 2021. Synopsis of Beastars Season 2 Beastars Season 2 tells the story of Legoshi trying to save Haru from a group of lion gangsters named Shishigumi.

Haru is expected to serve as a meal for the lion boss. After Shishigumi's boss, Chief Lion, is killed by Legoshi and Louis, the black market criminal organization is taken over by Louis. After surviving the battle of Shishigumi, Legoshi and Haru spend the night at the love hotel after running away from the gangsters.

The fans who idolized Legoshi and Haru were finally able to breathe a sigh of relief, their dream came true. In this season, Legoshi confesses his feelings to Haru. However, Haru admits that he is still afraid of the instinctive reaction that causes him to stick his arm into Legoshi's open jaw.

Legoshi vows to become stronger so he can control Haru's instincts. Back at Cherryton School, the Council for the Consolidation of All Organisms is held to decide who will become the new Beastar since no one has held the title for five years. Traditionally, Beastars were selected from recent graduates from elite schools such as Cherryton.

Louis and Juno are competing to get the title. However, many think that Legoshi is the most suitable to become a beastar. Legoshi was not interested in the task.

Given that Legoshi is already busy as a herbivore savior. Tem's killer is also being hunted. Maybe the killer was closer than expected.

As Legoshi looks for who killed Tem, he is attacked and surrounded by a mysterious person. Legoshi realized that in order to face Tem's killer, he had to train his mind and body.

He dropped out of school to gain confidence, as well as build his strength and learn fighting styles. Despite all his training, Legoshi realized that he had to make dramatic choices in order to gain great strength.

Surprisingly, Louis is willing to help by making huge sacrifices, including damaging his relationship with Haru. Legoshi must commit crimes to bring down the real criminals.

Beastars Season 2 Trailer:


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