One Piece Chapter 996: Yamato vs Sasaki, Law Finds Poneglyph, Sanji Tempted by Black Maria


A few days before its official release on November 20, Spoiler in the form of raw scan manga One Piece chapter 996 finally came out.

In this chapter we will be presented with how Yamato will prove his words that will fight to protect Momonoshuke.

In addition, the origin of the Poneglyph will also be revealed here plus we will be shown the fate of Nami and Usopp, who were previously in a precarious condition.

But of course we will be shown the continuation of the endless battle of the Red scabbars against Kaido at the top of Onigashima.

Now for those of you who are curious, here provides a summary of the raw scans of manga that were revealed in cyberspace based on the translation released by Korean magazines and confirmed by Redon on AP.

One Piece Manga chapter 996 will take the title "The Island of the Strongest" or "Pulaunya the Strongest".

The scene will open with Tama and Komachiyo who managed to take Usopp and Nami away.

On the way, Nami asked how Tama arrived at her place to which she replied "I infiltrated the enemy ship."

In another place there was a battle between Yamato and Sasaki.

Here Yamato turned into something similar to a dragon, it was likely that it was his zo power.

Meanwhile, Franky Shougun finally arrived with Hatcha.

Then the result of Yamato's battle caused the floor of the building to crumble, allowing him to escape with Momonoshuke and Shinobu.

Somewhere it turns out that Law finds a Poneglyph road in the basement.

He then mentions something that is part of the D clan to Robin and tells how he found the poneglyph.

While at the top of Onigashima, Kaido still hasn't finished fighting the battered red scabbars.

Luffy, Jinbe, and Sanji finally arrived on the second floor and tried as fast as possible to the dome of Onigashima.

But at the end of the manga, it was shown that Sanji was tempted by the sweet voice of Black Maria who was on the 3rd floor.

Another announcement is that next week the One Piece manga will not be on holiday.

well that's the spoiler that Gamvos has summarized.

One Piece manga chapter 996 itself will be released on November 20 along with the manga Boruto: Naruto Next Generation chapter 52.


Did you know One Piece 996 will be officially released sooner?

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