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Hello-hello! In the Hero Guide for Legend of Ace (LoA) on this occasion, Gamevos will discuss one assassin hero, Anubis. Anubis is perfect for those of you who want to start learning role assassins.

this time Gamevos will discuss about Anubis' skills. First, the Interrogate specialty, where every time Anubis' bang manages to injure his opponent, he gets 1 point (2 points if the opponent is a hero) Answer for 4 seconds, max. 42 points These points are useful for giving bonus speed (movement & attack) for Anubis.

LoA Anubis - Interrogate

The next skill is Blade of Scales, where the basic attack carried out by Anubis has extra damage according to the percentage of attack power. Then, the 3rd normal attack will get bonus damage.

LoA Anubis - Blade of Scales

After that, there is the Elegy skill, in which Anubis throws his sword at the target, injuring enemy units that come in contact with the sword. This sword will return to the starting point, and if Anubis presses this skill one more time before the sword returns, he will move to the location of the sword and beat the opponent there.

Always upgrade this skill after skill 2, it is useful for ambushing opponents.

LoA Anubis - Elegy

Then there is the Sandstorm skill, where Anubis creates a sandstorm to attack nearby enemies and slow their movements. Always upgrade this skill when it's available.

LoA Anubis - Sandstorm

And finally, the Ultimate Feather of Truth skill, where Anubis dashes to one enemy hero. Then if Anubis beats the opponent's hero, the opponent's hero will get a reduction in movement speed and attack speed. Always take this ultimate skill upgrade when it's available.

LoA Anubis - Feather of Truth

Then, Mimin will discuss the card build for the hero assassin Anubis. This build is to maximize Anubis burst damage as an assassin.

LoA Anubis - Build

The first card, Frenzy, increases attack power and has a passive effect, when your mainstay hero attack hits your opponent, your attack power and movement speed will increase, which can be stacked up to 10 times.

LoA Anubis - Frenzy

The second card, Magic Weapon, is to increase your attack power so that your hero attacks feel even more powerful. Then, there is a bonus damage to the skill every time the hero makes a normal attack.

LoA Anubis - Magic Weapon

The third card that you must buy is Rune Enhanced, which is very good for increasing your attack power and attack power as a role tank since the beginning of the game. So with this card, your hero will be able to speed up farming and attack your opponent.

LoA Anubis - Rune Enhanced

The next card, Soul Burning, adds to the normal attack power of the hero who has this card, as well as quite a lot of cooldown reduction to be able to issue skills more often. In addition, your hero skill attacks get additional damage depending on the number of HP the target has at that time.

LoA Anubis - Soul Burning

The next card, Occult Sciences, increased attack power quite a lot. In addition, there is a lifesteal of skills that hit the opponent.

LoA Anubis - Occult Sciences

The next card, Field of Gravity, increases the HP storage capacity quite a lot, and doesn't forget to add to the attack power of the hero who holds this card. There is also a passive effect from this card which makes the opposing heroes experience a reduction in armor when they are close enough to this card.

LoA Anubis - Field of Gravity

Then there is the Contempt card, for the late game phase. Provides additional attack power which is quite large for heroes. One more thing, when the opponent is in less than 40% HP, there is a big bonus damage. Suitable for the last team battle.

LoA Anubis - Contempt

The next card, Present of Forgetfulness, increases the HP storage capacity quite a lot, and doesn't forget to have a large additional armor. This will affect the resistance of the hero from opponent attacks. In addition, when a hero gets a very large damage attack, he will get HP & MP recovery of 40% of maximum capacity in a short time.

LoA Anubis – Present of Forgetfulness

that was the latest Anubis hero guide by Gamevos, do you have any other guides? You can share by writing them in the comments below.

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