Veres is a hero who is rarely picked at AOV


Perhaps, serving as a DS Laner in Arena of Valor will not be easy for beginners to start with. However, you should know this because this role is very much needed in every match when you play normal or ranked mode.

For example, you are interested in playing a hero with that role. So we have also summarized one of the DS Laner heroes, which is actually quite rare to play now. Yes, the hero is Veres who has a warrior role. In detail, this hero has an attack value of 5.5, defense 5.5, skill effect 7.8 and a difficulty level of 8. To be able to buy it, you can also go to the shop because Veres is sold for around 18,888 gold / 599 coupons.

About the ability


Bloody Kiss

Veres gets a stack of Serpent Blood which will last for about 10 seconds when his normal attack hits the enemy. Bloody Kiss will be triggered when 5 Stack is collected, which will cause (+ 150% of damage attack) physical attacks on nearby enemies and receive 8% Life Steal if an opponent Hero is hit (+ 0.5% each level, the lower the HP Veres, the bigger the percentage, up to 80-150%). In addition, Bloody Kiss has the potential to reduce CDs from Bloody Fangs, Serpent Embrace for about 1 second and Venom for about 2 seconds. When Bloody Kiss is active, Veres can move assisted by 20% increase in fast motion and is immune to control effects.

First Skill:

Bloody Fangs

Veres' snake weapon will split into 2 and attack the opponent in front of him to cause 150% (+ 80% of attack damage) physical attacks. Opponents hit by this attack receive a speed reduction of about 30% for 1 second. Enemies hit by the attacks of the two snakes will be stunned for about 1 second, and each enemy hit by the attack will give one stack of Serpent Blood.

Second Skill:

Serpent's Embrace

When throwing the snake weapon, it will push enemies who are nearby. Plus, it attracts opponents who have a considerable distance. Then, the enemy will be briefly stunned and get 100 (+ 50% of attack damage) physical attacks. Their fast motion is also reduced by 50% for 1 second. Each enemy Hero hit gives Veres a stack of Serpent Blood.



Veres jumps forward and orders the snake to split up and attack the target to deal 300 (+12 (+3 each level) (+ 1% of attack damage)% of the target when losing blood) True Damage in the cone area. When hitting enemy heroes, Veres will enter Enrage mode, which will increase 30% fast attack, 75 attack damage, and 15% armor damage for 6 seconds (+2 seconds per additional attack). When Bloody Kiss is triggered, each enemy Hero who is hit will increase the duration of his Enrage by about 2 seconds.

Build Item

Build: Gilded Greaves, mantle of ra, frost cape, muramasa / fenrir's tooth, medallion toy / gaia's standard, blade of eternity

Arcana: 10 indomitable, 10 guerrilla, 10 skewer


  • Lokheim, Devourer (Damage-Reduction Move Speed-Life Steal), Deadly Claw (Toughness-Damage), Desperate Duel (CD-Burst-Continuous)

  • Enhanced Restore (CD-Enhanced-Active Item), Ax of Sacrifice (Cooldown-Mana Regen-Damage)

Talent: Sprint


At the beginning of the match, heroes with the role of the DS Laner role will usually be on their lane alone. Of course, this condition is actually quite favorable because they can enrich themselves quickly.

For example, if you play Veres, you can actually jungle or clean minions quickly and use its passivity. Even so, this will be quite difficult. Given, the difficulty level of this hero is stepping on the number 8. In addition, you also have the potential to be ganked by your opponent.

For that, be patient, keep your distance and consider the opponents you are facing will be important when you play Veres. Apart from that, you also have to take your second skill more when the match starts. Then, only the first skill, for example, is already open and the last is the ult.

In addition, Veres is good enough to help his teammates when doing war. Given, the damage released is fairly painful plus this hero also still has life steal in his passive ability. To be able to use it optimally, then you have to make all the items that we have suggested above.


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