5 Strongest Zanpakutou in Bleach Anime Series


5 Strongest Zanpakutou in Bleach Anime Series

The Zanpakuto sword or Soul Slayer is the main weapon of the Bleach anime that Shinigami angels (Soul Reapers) use in battle.

In order to obtain a Zanpakuto, Shinigami need to undergo education and training at the Academy first.

When soul reapers practice and become acquainted with the sword used, the sword will become stronger.

After learning the name of the sword, it transforms into a more powerful version of itself known as "Shikai."

If Soul Reapers train long enough, or use Urahara's training methods, they can gain access to the zanpakutou's final form called Bankai.

Bleach Anime has a lot to say about swords, and there are so many powerful zanpakutou.


5 Strongest Zanpakutou in Bleach Anime Series

This sword is Ichigo's zanpakutou. This sword has the ability to increase Ichigo's speed and strength.

While attacking, Zangetsu absorbs his spiritual energy, condenses it, and then releases energy from his sword.

Ichigo uses this for his famous Getsuga Tensho attack. Tensa Zangetsu, which is his Bankai form, can take this weapon to a higher level.

He can become faster, stronger, and more durable. Getsuga Tensho with Tensa Zangetsu is almost enough to kill Yhwach, the strongest character in Bleach.



5 Strongest Zanpakutou in Bleach Anime Series

Counter Stroke is Shinji Hirako's sword. Shinji is a former member of the Visored and the current captain of the 5th division in the Gotei 13.

When Shinji spun his sword, pink mist emitted from it and anyone who smelled it would be exposed to the sword's ability which is "Reverse World."

This ability reverses the victim's perception. Left becomes right, up becomes down and backwards becomes forward.

Shinji was even able to reverse his words and cause his opponent to become even more confused.


5 Strongest Zanpakutou in Bleach Anime Series

Katen Kyokotsu is held by the current Captain Commander of the Gotei 13, Shunsui Kyoraku. This sword's special ability can force anyone who steps within the range of Shunsui's spiritual pressure to play around.

Shunsui decides the specific rules of the game, and plays a lot of rules during his battles.

His Bankai form can send his opponent into a dark and gloomy setting, and damage opponents in four different Stories.



5 Strongest Zanpakutou in Bleach Anime Series

This sword belongs to Aizen who is a former inmate at Muken Prison. He has been imprisoned for fighting against Soul Society in an attempt to become a 'God.'

Kyoka Suigetsu's special ability is called "Perfect Hypnosis," which forces anyone who sees the sword to fall into Aizen's hypnosis.

This hypnosis is completely inevitable once it falls under its influence, which can last for years and affect many people at once.


5 Strongest Zanpakutou in Bleach Anime Series

This is the zanpakutou of the former Gotei 13 Commander Captain, Genryusai Yamamoto.

When Yamamoto unleashed his sword with the command, Turn all creation to ashes, flames burst out of his sword and whatever came in contact with it, would burn to ashes.

Zanka no Tachi which is his Bankai form, which can condense all his flames into his sword, and whatever Yamamoto cuts, will be scorched.

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