7 Best New Mobile Games For Low-end Gadget in 2020


7 Best New Mobile Games For Low-end Gadget in 2020

Not everyone has a gadget with Flagship capabilities, even though we can play MOBA mobile games, Free Fire, or PUBG Lite. However, there are many obstacles when playing other games. In this Gamevos article, I will provide some recommendations for the best mobile games for your Low-end Gadgets, let's get started.

1. Evil Nun 2

Horror game fans will probably like this game, Evil Nun 2 is a stealth horror game. The player is trapped together with the evil nun and the player's job is to run away without being caught by the nun. Solve a variety of challenging puzzles, and of course secretly, because the nurse will kill you when they find you sneaking.

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2. Bvengers

Want to see Line characters fight each other? Bvengers is your choice, the game developed by Korea game developers is not only light but also very fun to play. Bvengers is a TPS game, where players will fight with other players using firearms. Maneuvering with dodge and skills, players will be tested for their ability to be at the forefront.

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3. Wild Rift

Low specifications are the first things that the game offers. Wild Rift is the latest MOBA game made by Riot games which is based on the PC version. Players can use various familiar characters that have been reworked for the Mobile version. Players will compete 5v5 in one arena with each champion who has their respective skills similar to the game Mobile Legends: Bang Bang (MLBB), but please note that your skills in Mobile Legends will not be useful in this game.

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4. Among Us

This multiplayer game is not only popular because of the betrayal of the players in it, but also because of the lack of specifications needed to play the game. Among Us became the winner of Best Multiplayer Game at The Game Award 2020.

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5. TheOdd1sOut: Lets Bounce

Based on animator and Youtuber TheOdd1sOut, this game is an endless game that is cool enough for you to play anytime and anywhere. Quite simply, players only need to jump, and be in the air for the entire game. Reflect yourself using a variety of things, from your own mother to the diving boards scattered throughout the game. Until when can you survive?

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6. Murder Party

A game similar to among us with cuter and funnier graphics. Murder Party is your choice. There are 2 factions, Werewolf and Villager, where Werewolf must kill the villagers and mingle with them, while the Villager must perform various tasks. Every time a murder occurs, players can report, discuss and vote. This game is very fun to play with your friends.

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7. ES Truck Simulator ID

7 Best New Mobile Games For Low-end Gadget in 2020

ES Truck Simulator ID or also known as ESTS will give you the experience of being a truck driver in areas where the roads are damaged and winding, but that's where the challenge is. Drive big trucks and maneuver, so what are you waiting for? Let's play.

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Those are the 7 Best New Mobile Games for Low-end Mobile Phones 2020. Of course there are many other games that can be played at the end of 2020 for Low-end gadget users, If you have another recommendations mobile games for low-end gadgets, you can comment down below.

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