7 Recommended Android Games Like Genshin Impact


7 Recommended Android Games Like Genshin Impact

After break a record with more than 17 million downloads in just 4 days since its launch, the viral Android game, Genshin Impact, is now gaining more and more popularity of mobile game fans.

This Open-World Role-Playing Games (RPG) genre game made by Mihoyo from China carries unique anime graphics and stories, and is wrapped in fun gameplay, making this game very popular with players around the world.

But do you know that Genshin Impact is not the only mobile game that carries this genre? Well, if you like Genshin Impact and are looking for a game with a similar genre, then I would recommend 7 Android games like Genshin Impact with graphics and gameplay that are no less interesting, let's start article with number 1.

1. Utopia Origin

7 Recommended Android Games Like Genshin Impact

Utopia Origin is one of the newest Survival games that can be played for free directly on both Android and iOS. This game combines aspects of minecraft ranging from gathering resources, building houses, and cooking to survive, and is wrapped in cute, cute and impressive anime graphics. The longer you play this game, the more resources you can get to survive in this game.

2. Black Desert Mobile

7 Recommended Android Games Like Genshin Impact

Black Desert Mobile is one of the most phenomenal and interesting games in 2018. Having high graphics accompanied by stunning gameplay, it's no surprise that this game was able to get 2 million pre-registrations before its release. Players can customize their own character, and use various existing jobs to navigate the world of Black Desert Mobile.

unfortunately it is used by developers by making as many servers as possible in order to reap abundant profits. Where many players are disappointed with the decision.


3. Dragon Raja

7 Recommended Android Games Like Genshin Impact

Dragon Raja has high graphics and features that are not inferior to other Android games. This game is very cool to play. If you are interested in MMORPG games like Avabel online, you will love this game. There are various jobs that can be used in the game along with various other unique features. The customization is so cool that players will be stunned by the characters. The engine used also uses the 3D Unity Engine, so the graphics there are no doubt about it.

4. Toram Online

7 Recommended Android Games Like Genshin Impact

Toram Online is still one of the favorite games that are often played. This game carries an interesting gameplay, accompanied by the freedom to create and customize the characters you want. In the game, players can become Kirito (from Anime Swort Art Online aka SAO), Saber, and even Megumin by using various items and equipment. The skills he has until now are still being updated so players don't have to worry about being bored playing them.


5. Errant: Hunter soul!

7 Recommended Android Games Like Genshin Impact

Errant: Hunter soul! is one of the MMORPG games released last year. This game takes a theme and gameplay that is quite similar to Monster Hunter. Where players will fight with a large monster that will eventually provide lots of ingredients when killed so they can be used to make cool weapons. This game is a game that is very popular today and even more great, the developer dares to apply the non-auto battle feature!

6. Sword Art Online Integral Factor!

7 Recommended Android Games Like Genshin Impact

Sword Art Online Integral Factor is one of the most popular non-auto online games. This game is based on the popular anime series in the world with the same title Sword Art Online also known as SAO.

Has the same storyline as the Anime, where players will play as characters trapped in the game. Sword Art Online Integral Factor presents quite interesting open world gameplay. This game has a level system where players will fight with your partners and get EXP points from monsters to level up and get stronger.

In addition, players can choose the weapon they want and each weapon has its own skill. Interested in adventure in Aincard in the world of Sword Art Online?

7. Tower of Fantasy

7 Recommended Android Games Like Genshin Impact

Even though it is still under development, this game offers a very similar gameplay to Genshin Impact. Unique and interesting anime characters, wrapped in astonishing gameplay, are what the game offers for us players. Unfortunately, there is still no interesting news regarding the game for the mobile platform in the future besides the specifications for playing the game.

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