7 Worst-rated Movies Directed by Famous Actors!

7 Worst-rated Movies Directed by Famous Actors!

Starting a career as a director is arguably more difficult than being an actor. Because, filming requires a long process.

However, not a few actors have tried to become film directors. Then, are the films they made satisfying?

Indeed, there are several films directed by actors that have received a lot of appreciation and are considered stunning. However, some have failed miserably!

Well, in this article I will review the worst film series directed by famous actors. Curious? Check out the list below!

The Worst Film Directed By A Famous Actor

Maybe you already know a line of directors who always make failed films. But, what happens if a film that gets a bad rating is directed by a famous actor?

Being well-known actors does not guarantee that the films they direct will get a positive response, both from critics and audiences.

As proof I have listed several flop films directed by famous actors.

1. Sonny (2002) - Nicolas Cage

Sonny (2002) - Nicolas Cage

So far, many have made fun of Nicolas Cage as the actor with the worst acting. However, this didn't stop him from showing off as a director.

He directed, produced, and starred in a film called Sonny in 2002. This film tells the story of a gigolo who is sold by his mother.

This disliked theme made the film not only bullied, it only hit six theaters in the US for a week[post_ads]

2. The Brave (1997) - Johnny Depp

The Brave (1997) - Johnny Depp

Johnny Depp also turns out to be capable of making bad films. His directorial debut film The Brave premiered at the Cannes Film Festival.

Unfortunately, the film, which was directed and starring Johnny Depp, received a negative response. Film critics rated Depp's script and direction very poorly.

This made Depp decide not to release a film adapted from this novel, either in theaters or on DVD. In fact, this film is the only project he has directed.

3. On Deadly Ground (1994) - Steven Seagal

On Deadly Ground (1994) - Steven Seagal

A Hollywood legend actor who some people consider famous not for his acting, but for his success as a film director.

In 1994 he tried to make a film called On Deadly Ground which turned out to be very disappointing. Not the positive appreciation he got, he got a lot of criticism from the film.

The film was even nominated for Razzie Awards in the Worst Actor, Image, and Director categories. This film finally 'won' the Worst Director category

4. By the Sea (2015) - Angelina Jolie

By the Sea (2015) - Angelina Jolie

The film directed, written, produced and starring Angelina Jolie, By the Sea, received unsatisfactory reviews from critics.

The film, which also stars Brad Pitt, tells the story of the breakdown of husband-wife relationships and indirectly destroying Jolie and Pitt's marriage in the real world.

This is because the dark side of the actress who is considered to be the actor is considered to have poisoned their relationship when he directed the film[post_ads]

5. The Quest (1996) - Jean-Claude Van Damme

The Quest (1996) - Jean-Claude Van Damme

Jean-Claude Van Damme who is known for some of the best action films tries to direct the film to prove that he is more than just an actor.

The film entitled The Quest which is directed by him is said to have a messy shooting and is even called an action film with less exciting action scenes.

Overall, this film about martial arts lacks energy. However, he tried to make a second film again, but it did not show any significant improvement.

6. Lost River (2014) - Ryan Gosling

Lost River (2014) - Ryan Gosling

This Hollywood film, directed by Ryan Gosling, premiered at the Cannes Film Festival. However, the Lost River received negative reviews.

This thriller genre film, which only scored 31% on Rotten Tomatoes and written by Gosling, is considered to have a very confusing plot.

Even so, some critics also revealed that the visuals of this film were quite good and considered that Gosling had considerable potential to become a director.

7. Staying Alive (1983) - Sylvester Stallone

Staying Alive (1983) - Sylvester Stallone

Actually Sylvester Stallone has directed 4 films. However, it seems that he did not learn from the film he made while directing the fourth film entitled Staying Alive.

This musical sequel, starring John Travolta, is considered to have damaged the plot of his first film, entitled Saturday Night Fever (1977).

Even so, this film's soundtrack managed to get a nomination at the Golden Globe event. In fact, it is considered one of the most iconic film soundtracks.

The Final Word

That was a list of the 7 worst films directed by famous actors. In fact, these films received poor ratings on Rotten Tomatoes.

This proves that a famous actor with great acting skills, is not necessarily a reliable film director.

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