9 Playstation 5 Issues and How to Fix Them! 100% Working


9 Playstation 5 Issues and How to Fix Them! 100% Working

A technology product is certainly not guaranteed to work 100% well for every user, including the Playstation 5. This gaming console can already be purchased and enjoyed by several countries, but there are many reports of issue found on these devices.

A number of users found there were issues using the Playstation 5 (PS 5) that didn't stem from user error. It seems that there is indeed a bug or error that Sony missed checking.

Fortunately, both Sony and the user community have found various ways to overcome it.

1. Playstation 4 Games Cannot Be Played On Playstation 5

Sony has released a list of Playstation 4 games that cannot be played on the Playstation 5 but the numbers are very small so most of them can still be played on the Playstation 5. However, some users find a notification that the game cannot be played and must be purchased first.

The solution, go to the User and Accounts section, scroll to find the Other menu, then in the menu select Restore Licenses so that PS4 games can be played on Playstation 5.

2. PS5 Crashes While Enabling Rest Mode

The Playstation 5 also has a rest mode like the PS4, but when it enters this mode the console freezes or hangs, and the worst can be bricked. Unfortunately Sony has not provided a solution for this complaint.

The only solution is don't enable rest mode. The trick is to enter Settings then the Power Saving menu. Then select Set Time Until PS5 Enters Rest Mode and disable rest mode by selecting the Disable Rest Mode menu.


3. Display Of The PS5 Looks Distorted Or Shaky on Television or Monitor

This issue was reported by a number of PS5 users and was caused by the use of a third party HDMI cable that connects the console to the television or monitor.

The solution is to use the built-in HDMI cable provided in the PS5 sales package. This is claimed to solve this issue.

4. Cannot Connect to Playstation Network

Some PS5 users cannot connect to or log into their PlayStation Network (PSN) accounts. Unfortunately Sony has not provided an official solution either, but a number of users can solve it by checking the PSN Status on the official website or checking the quality of the internet connection on the home router.

5. PS5 Freezes While Playing Games

This issue is reported to occur in several games and applications such as Marvel's Spider-Man Miles Morales and Netflix. The solution now is to do a factory reset because there is no repair update from Sony.

6. Games And Apps are Stuck in the Download Queue

PS5 Digital Edition users or who choose to download games digitally experience this issue. Even PS5 users who are not currently downloading a game or app get Queued for Download notifications.

The solution is to do a factory reset. But if it still happens, the user has to do a factory reset repeatedly. There is currently no official solution from Sony's side.


7. PS5 Camera Failed to Connect

When PS5 users receive an Error CE-111161-1 notification, it means that the PS5 Camera accessory failed to connect. The solution is to check the adapter used for the connection between the camera and the PS5.

8. PS4 Cannot Transfer Data to PS5 via USB or LAN

It was reported that a number of users experienced crashes and even bricking or the transfer process took a very long time when moving data from PS4 to PS5 via USB cable or LAN connection.

A solution that has been tried and successful is to transfer data via WiFi which is claimed to be the safest way. PS5 itself does not yet support the use of external data storage such as PS4.

9. Dualsense Experience Issue at Beginning of Use

When the DualSenses stick is connected to the USB cable for the initial update process, avoid unplugging it while the process is still going deep. This reportedly resulted in the controller not functioning at all.

The solution is to re-download the PS5 update and attach DualSense to the USB cable. To do this, go to Settings then System and select the System Software Update and Settings menu. Then select Download and Install Automaically. When the stick is connected then select the Update System Software menu.

We hope the tips above can solve the issue on your Playstation 5.

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