"Chairing" Popular Trends in Japan Only With Folding Chairs


"Chairing" Popular Trends in Japan Only With Folding Chairs

Chairing in japanese ใƒใ‚งใ‚ขใƒชใƒณใ‚ฐ A mainstream term that is becoming increasingly popular in Japan. Making chairs? No, sadly not. Chairing is an outdoor activity that involves folding chairs as a supporting partner in self-relaxation and enjoying moments in the environment.

More specifically, Chairing is an activity where you only need a folding chair, then go to a place or remote area that you like, open a folding chair, sit and enjoy the moment and the surrounding scenery. You can also combine this kind of casual fun with a snack, or even while reading a book. The popularity of this activity in Japan is quite high, but where does the vocabulary come from?

Chairing was first popularized by a mangaka named Paricco and a freelance writer named Suzuki Nao. The two of them collaborated on the second volume of Sakaba-Zine magazine which was released on May 2, 2016.


From what the two said, the mention of this term itself was just a joke at first. However, thanks to publications and social media trends that are increasingly influencing netizens, the term is gaining popularity in Japan.

"Chairing" Popular Trends in Japan Only With Folding Chairs

This popularity has also increased the number of visitors to major recreational sites such as mountains, beaches, parks and river banks. Because this hobby is also fairly cheap, more and more netizens are trying it. However, please note that not all places allow this activity.


If a place is filled with people who are chairing, is it still called chairing? This depends on each of your perceptions. There are those who think that chairing can be done in a crowded place, but there are also those who need a quiet and comfortable place to run it. If you had the opportunity to try this activity, would you choose a quiet place or a busy place?

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