Cloud9 'Colossus' debut was very disappointing in Flashpoint 2


Cloud9 'Colossus' debut was very disappointing in Flashpoint 2

American esports organization Cloud9 has completed an ambitious project for their CS: GO division. With the disbursement of funds reaching 6 million USD or around 84 billion Rupiah, Cloud9 brought in high caliber players to fill its CS: GO roster. The big names are Woxic, Es3tag, Floppy, ALEX, and Mezii.

Armed with the nickname C9 'Colossus', this line of players has made their debut at Flashpoint 2. Even though it is predicted that they will dominate, Cloud9 actually had to be eliminated early from this competition after losing against two teams at once.[post_ads]

First, Cloud9 was overthrown by Virtus Pro with a score of 2-0. In fact, C9 did not move in the first map of Inferno and had to lose 16-5 points. Entering Overpass, Cloud9 managed to catch up in the second half. Unfortunately, Virtus Pro was able to turn things around well at the end of the round. A narrow score of 16-14 ends in a VP victory and sends Cloud9 into the lower bracket.

Cloud9 who was thrown into the lower bracket had to face OG in order to continue his hopes in Flashpoint 2. The fans thought Cloud9 could pass this phase and rise. However, the results obtained were not in accordance with their wishes.[post_ads]

The first map in Nuke was fierce, and even had to continue until overtime. Cloud9 still failed to secure the first point thanks to OG's victory in Nuke's overtime. Cloud9's first half at Mirage is quite good at only one point away from OG. Unfortunately in the second half, OG did not give C9 the freedom to move and continued domination to win this game with a score of 16-10.

Even though he failed in Flashpoint 2, Cloud9 still has a chance to fix the defeat in the next BLAST Premier Fall Showdown. What do you think if the C9 roster will be able to show his best ability?

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