Cosplayer Claims Netflix Uses Her Face in the new Resident Evil Series


Cosplayer Claims Netflix Uses Her Face in the new Resident Evil Series

The latest Resident Evil adaptation series film currently being worked on by Netflix, Infinite Darkness, is highly anticipated by fans. however it would be interesting to talk about the trailer and the official photos of the film. One of them, of course, is the change in appearance of Claire Redfield's character, which now feels completely different.

This is of course the talk of netizens, some are questioning this decision considering that Claire's own character has just got her new look in Resident Evil 2 Remake while here she appears very different even though her face design is a bit continuing from the face design in previous CGI films.[post_ads]

It's not just netizens debating Claire's appearance, a cosplayer from China named @ rissoft344 claims that Netflix took inspiration from her new Claire design. He himself proved this by pasting one of the promotional pictures from the film and comparing it with the photo of himself cosplaying as Claire.

?Netflix used my face to the new poster of Resident Evil ?????

— ??_rr (@rissoft344) September 29, 2020 (tweet has been removed)

This in itself attracted the attention of fans with some saying that there was indeed a similarity to Claire's face design in the latest film with her. Others said that it is likely that Netflix took inspiration from the many cosplay of Claire that were scattered around the internet and that she became one of its biggest “influences”. And there are also those who say that the resemblance is only in the pose, while the face design is quite different.[post_ads]

Even so, one fan even suggested that rissoft344 take legal action against Netflix because they had used him, especially for poses and a bit of facial inspiration from one of the photos she had previously published without hers permission.

However, this certainly will not be that easy either, because basically the character in question is entirely Capcom's property, and the process that must be done if rissoft344 wants to make a claim will certainly not be easy and brief. Then what do you think? Is it really Netflix imitating the cosplayer or is this just a coincidence?

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