Criticizing Male Audiens Masher, Twitch Streamer Yoojin is Viral!


Criticizing Male Audiens Masher, Twitch Streamer Yoojin is Viral!

Besides the joy of being a streamer, they are often faced with several troublesome obstacles. This problem does not only arise from the streamer side, but can also arise from the audience or viewers. There are even situations where viewers can try to overly annoy the streamer.

Some girl streamers on Twitch also sometimes need to face an audience that can make them uncomfortable at once. While still being shy enough to speak up about it, this Korean-American girl streamer on Twitch dared to voice her anxiety.

Woman named Yoojin, she harshly criticized male viewers who hoped that by donating, she could build deeper relationships with female streamers on Twitch. He voiced his concern through a video that has been uploaded on his personal Twitter account. The video has reached almost 32 thousand likes and 657 thousand viewers today.


In the video, Yoojin explains that it is not wrong to find someone he wants to live with. However, the streamer disagrees with the boys looking for streamer girls on twitch in the hope that they can become closer to him. He also argues that some guys on Twitch often think they can feel closer just because the girl streamer is still low following.

Even Yoojin also explained that when a streamer girl replied to a whisper, it didn't mean she wanted to start a further conversation, but she was just responding to her kind attitude.


Yoojin ended the video with a little meaningful advice, he advised predatory men to find a girl in real life. Yoojin received a lot of support on his Twitter for this opinion. Because in reality, it is a fact, not a few predatory men on Twitch only get a "Thank you" reply after they spend all their money and energy.

Problems like this can not only occur on Twitch, even like platforms that are currently on the rise like TikTok often occur. What we need to realize right now, is just to think realistically because they take some actions for mere content.

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