Happy News, Steam Will Have Adult Session Soon


Happy News, Steam Will Have Adult Session Soon

You know what we mean fellas~

Unlike other game launchers, Steam does have a very fast development. After officially releasing its new appearance with various changes that make it easier for gamers to find similar games and Steam playtest, which allows developers to launch a beta or test version for players to try. This time they provide a new filter specifically for adult games.

Through his blog, Valve explained that the beta version of the Steam browser adds a new filter feature that gamers can try. One of them is a genre that is divided into sub-genres. For example, an RPG that can be split back into Action RPG or Survival Horror.

Happy News, Steam Will Have Adult Session Soon


Not only genres, players can also filter the themes that the game uses, for example medieval, science fiction, or horror. Valve also mentioned that players will also be able to implement adult sessions.

When you try the Steam Labs experiment by setting to allow adult content, then you can see a new category in the menu entitled Adult Only. This category gives the titles of several adult games with content which of course is quite common to many people.

With this reorganization, gamers can more easily find the game theme they want. Not only that, those who are old enough can release their fantasies with the help of these filters.

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