How to playing GTA 5 With 256MB RAM no Lag, Fix Issue


One of the most popular games in the world, namely Grand Theft Auto 5 (GTA 5). Not only is it very exciting, but this game also features very charming graphics.

The attractive graphics in the GTA 5 game, of course, have to be paid for with quite high computer specifications. Are your computer specifications mediocre? Don't worry, I have a way.

Here's how to play GTA 5 with 256MB RAM

To play GTA 5 with 256MB of RAM, it's actually very impossible. But if you want to force it, it turns out that there is a GTA SA mod to resemble GTA 5. Even though it's not really GTA 5, here's how ...

Steps to play GTA 5 with 256MB RAM

Step 1

Buy the GTA SA game first on Steam, you can buy it via the following link.

Steam Link: Purchase GTA San Andreas

Step 2

If you already have the GTA SA game, it's time to prepare materials for the modification as follows.

Download: Cleo 4 the latest version

Download: the latest version of Skin Selector

Download: Alci IMG Editor latest version

Download: GTA 5 HUD Mod Pack

Download: GTA 5 Character Mod Pack

Download: GTA 5 SRT3 Final Map Retexture

Step 3

Follow the modification steps in the video below. The method is quite long and complicated, for that I suggest you to follow it slowly.

Step 4

If all your steps are correct, then the results are as follows.

The Final Word

For those of you who have a low spec computer but really want to play GTA 5, this method is really worth trying.

and if you are having trouble you can ask in the comments down below, I will try to help you.


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