Most Useless Item BLACKPINK Jennie has ever bought


Most Useless Item BLACKPINK Jennie has ever bought

Jennie BLACKPINK once showed off her room to fans in an episode of "24/365 with BLACKPINK". It was clear to everyone that she had a lot of stuff and she valued them all. However, she was not unaware that she might have too many things.

In an online broadcast to celebrate their second anniversary, BLACKPINK played a game of Jenga. They answer questions for each block they successfully push.

The first question Jennie received was about her item collection, "Among the items you bought recently, which one was the least useful?"

The other members immediately laughed off the question, especially since it was aimed at the right person. They commented, "You have a lot of stuff. Amazing! You have a lot of stuff."


Jennie had to think hard considering she bought too many knick knacks every time she went out. Rose encouraged her not to think too deeply, because the answer was likely already in his mind.

“I have to choose because I like to buy useless things. Which is useless… ”said Jennie. As she thought about his answer, the other members shared that they also buy a lot of things aimlessly in Japan. Jisoo, for example, bought a simple decorative stone.

After a few seconds, Jennie decided that the most useless item she had was none other than her hairpin! Like other impulsive purchases, it was left alone on his desk.

"Lately I've been too busy to have time to buy useless things in Japan. Ah! I remember. I put a lot of useless things on my desk. Those are mini-size hairpins," said Jennie.


She explained that it wasn't a worthy purchase because she never used it. Jisoo added that Jennie wanted to buy two pieces of clothes even though it was unlikely that she would wear both.

"I bought two with you remember? I bought two and one is useless," said Jennie. Jennie bought hairpins in hopes of helping out with her skincare routine.

“When I wash my face, I want to have hairpins. I bought two but ended up using one. So I have to buy it. I use one and the other is useless, ”she said.

Despite knowing that she should think twice before buying anything, Jennie still has the urge to buy the straw she drank! "I want to buy this heart shaped straw," said Jennie.

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